Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Blizzard of OD

Facing a storm seemed easy before.
My eyes go sore.
Now, even to a single mote.

Wearing the hood of arrogance
I used to stand tall, looking down.
With a hunchback, now I wait to bite the dust.

Balmy summer nights seem to drain me out;
And the first drizzle of rain tends to pierce me deep.
An aversion I have developed, now to all seasons four.

Taking refuge in dimly lit corridors and opium dens, I would snort;
Where the alley of shadows welcomed me with wide open arms.
Now, I can’t even count on my own shadow for shade.

At the porch of perdition the world was a good old friend,
Who smoked weed giving me company, reclining on the couch.
Now all it has in store is a sigh of relief once I’m gone.


smriti said...

hey....that's a beautiful one eddy...loved it :)

last line is a sure knock out :)

Winnie the poohi said...


A Poetess said...

your genre of writing is definitely changing...becoming definitely deeper, darker and more disturbed...welcome to the club :)
nice one here ..especially the last line...defines the modern sentiments of belonging, doesn't it? One moment its here, the next whoooshhh,gone!
keep the good ones rolling ;)

Amber Light said...

not one of your best in my opinion. But that could be because of my own falling.. I could not really understand "Now, I can't even count on my own shadow for shade" ?
AND... I googled OD.
So you see readers and Mr Scribbler it was my fault I dint like this one too much.. :)

Amber Light said...

I hope that comment does not come through as rude? I really meant to be just honest.

nan said...

Now, I can’t even count on my own shadow for shade.

Awww it killed me maestro
Sorry that i din drop in all these days :( :(

Lavanya Snigdha said...

as they say... Life's a Bitch...
so what happened? Was the guy kicked out of Hogwarts?

*is that how it is spelt?

Matangi Mawley said...

really good one! very well expressed... "can’t even count on my own shadow for shade".. having felt tht so often.... can t stop admiring the line!

autumn leaves said...

can very well relate to this one..