Friday, February 20, 2009


On an old, muddy, tarmac deprived highway,
Rumbling, and shuddering, a murky grey garbage truck
Made its way through a least trodden stretch.
Behind the truck, on the top,
Rested an inert creature after accomplishing its mission.

A rush of strong airstream came down, on its way.
Possessed this lifeless being,
Swept him off his feet and carried him faraway.
Like a phoenix he rose from his ashes.
He emerged like an indomitable spirit from that thrash of remains.

Higher and higher by every passing second,
He flew up, up and away, above everything.
Soared towards the skies even before
He could take a second blink.
The view from top was nothing like he had ever seen.

Different sizes and ever changing shapes;
In the company of pristine clouds he was now.
Tossing and turning like the others in the skies,
He met cumulus, stratus, nimbus and cirrus, amongst others.
He waved at them while they all drifted, without any rush.

Leaving the clouds behind
He soared even higher into the limitless sky.
At a distance he saw a lone ranger,
Hovering and looking around
On a hunt for its prey.

Before he knew he was upon the gliding eagle.
Looking down at the world beneath, over his shoulders;
He looked bemused by its vision and the focus it had for its game.
Just before he wanted to soar higher to see what else was in store.
The poltergeist airstream left him and vanished without care.

With a loss of balance and nothing else to hold on,
He perched on the eagle’s wing, unaware of the outcome.
Irritated and annoyed by the interruption.
The eagle fidgeted and took a plunge with him into the unknown.
Rocketing earthward like a meteor they both plummeted as one.

Vaulting down, the eagle frantically shook its beak.
Just when they were about to crash,
It set him free, and took off,
Resuming its flight in a jiffy, like a whiplash.
Now, the fall seemed faster, harder and easier than the rise.

Down, like a feather from a bird’s nest
He gently landed, set foot firmly, onto the ground.
Succumbed to gravity, he shrugged.
Another push from a waft of wind
He settled down cozily in a street corner.

Turning around in sloth motion he saw
Some deep marks left by the eagle’s claw.
While getting a breather another hand grabbed him up,
And tucked him into a garbage sack;
Along with other dejected polythene bags.

Atop the garbage bag, he looked up to the sky,
And thought there’s more to life than what you see everyday.
Just when he had thought everything had come to an end,
Life took a sudden turn.
And he lived a life none of his peers even dreamt.

Closing his eyes he reminisced
The amazing rollercoaster ride he had.
He opened his eyes only to discover
Another current of air sweeping him off his feet.
Much before he could even take a second blink.


Dipa said...

Phew!! After this rollercoaster ride I feel like a polythene bag nw :D
As in..very light n ready to soar more higher :)

Loved it...keep scribblin :)

Winnie the poohi said...

he he he!

Interesting and yet ironical take on phoenix!

Rini said...

I pray that it soars forever. Ever.

Deepika said...

Nice imagination :)

Deepika said...

Nice imagination :)

autumn leaves said...

A tough read!!As a write its amazingly written..mixed emotions here..:)

Amber Light said...

All of us have these moments. Rollercoaster rides that we never dreamt we could take and wonders of the world that we never imagined we could feel. And when the moment comes and goes it lasts a lifetime as it did for your phoenix.
I loved this scribble. Lovely imagery on something that happens so often but we rarely care. Most of all I loved the title. :)

Anonymous said...

nice :)

Nave said...

BEaUtiFuL !! I wonder why no comments in here

Lavanya Snigdha said...

Great narrative, I could feel myself smiling and taking the journey along with the "creature"...
Dreamy and yet a slight tinge of reality...
Have to say one of my favourites...

Priyanka Khot said...

this was amazing... reminded me of Jonathon Livingston Seagull's flight to begin with and then I was amazed (for the hundredth time) to find that a polythene had taken the flight.

What imagination and philosophy. Hats off to you!

nan said...

So very scribbler tyoes :)
Me likes maestro :)