Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Newborn Mother

The brightness was blinding
When she carefully opened her eyes.
She felt like a newborn
After the veil of barrenness was torn apart.

The door opened and gave way
To her bundle of joy;
Gift wrapped in celestial white
And cradled in the hands of her soul mate.

Broken down completely in excruciating pain,
Yet she sprang up like a lil dame.
Held her angel close
And kissed its forehead.

Tear drops rolled down her cheek
Like kids on a park slide.
Her pain had strayed faraway

To a land she might not return again.

What's left is a title for which,
persistently she had prayed.

It's "Mother" and that'll be her new name
Till eternity from today.


Smriti said...

awwwww....its choo chweett :)

loved it :)

beautiful poem :):)

Dipa said...

WOW !!!
Your imagination is as pure as the word "Mother".
Loooooooved it :)

Anonymous said...

gosh!!! it was breath taking ...

Winnie the poohi said...

how true!

Muse said...

Emotions that cannot be put in words...Oh my! This would remain one of my favourites from your quill. No wonder they say Pregnancy is the only time a mortal helps God in a miracle..I could 'feel' the mother in me. 'Beautiful' is too cheap!

God Bless :-)

Amber Light said...

Like kids on a park slide!! Wow! that made me smile..
Lovely! :)

Prakhar said...

luvd it...motherhood is beautiful!

Priyanka Khot said...


You captures the slew of sentiments attached to motherhood in just a few lines.


nemo said...

soft... and graphic..

Sashu... said...

Lovely this one!! the new name "mother"...! wonderful :)

Shal said...

Such a beautiiiiiiiiful poem
every bit of it


Lavanya Snigdha said...


Painting the Savanna... said...

The essence of motherhood wrapped is wrapped in this beautiful poem. Am glad to have read this and on the fact that i am also a woman.

autumn leaves said...

I remember reading the old version of this write called Mother..This write is one of my fav:)

A Poetess said...

one of my fav write ups of of the inspiring ones of your latest posts ...your genre of 'scribbles' are changing...depending on what turn they will take, i shall or not continue posting

cheers :)

nan said...

A profound write maestro :)
kudos to u :)

amitabh said...

Why don't you have a "follower" widget. No RSS feed either. Such beautiful poetry demands a huge following.


wow .. dat was amazing !!