Thursday, December 11, 2008

To Santa from Puttu

With a red woolen stocking and a notepad, he ran
Hurriedly to his bedroom window.
Tore the first sheet along the perforated line,
Put it into the stocking, the list reads as below:

“A summer vacation whenever I feel like I need one,
A magical pencil to finish homework in no time.
A school bag that wouldn’t cling on my back
But walk, hand in hand, by my side.

Heavy downpour at the snap of my finger,
Paper boats that wouldn’t sink in rainwater;
Sun shining faintly like it does during winter
And paper planes that would fly forever.

A tricolor kite that would hide in the clouds
And a flashlight to make the stars look down with half-shut eyes.
Play football all day on an empty MG Road.
Sleep till noon, ignoring the alarm clock and sunrise.

A secret spot to hide in Ammamma’s house while playing I Spy;
Never to be caught when I play Lock & Key.
Lots of toys to play whenever I stay at home,
And the Christmas season should last all year long.”

It was Christmas Eve, and now it was half past ten.
He knew Santa would visit him tonight
And he had checked his list twice by then
Cos he knew, all through the year he was real nice.

Rushing into the blanket he hid himself,
Pretended as though he was fast asleep.
This time he wanted to see Santa, and at least an elf.
The clock struck twelve but he couldn’t resist the sleep.

This happened during a Christmas almost two decades back.
Today, when he thinks of it, he just laughs it off.
Yet he hopes someday, his one wish, Santa would grant.
Which is, the Christmas season would last all year long.


Rukhiya said...

Puttu has grown up! I didnt know. This was sweet, and also painful :)

smriti said...

heheh....sooo cutuu....even more than santa himself....hiding himself in the blanket, pretended as though he was fast asleep....hahah....veryyy sweettuuu :)

Puttu is my favorite after all....thanks 4 d treat eddy :)

d gypsy! said...

i think, i shud start a whole Puttu series directly derived from your poems...

they tell amazing tales...

Muse said...

Christmas is all in the heart, as long as the message of the season stays unblurred in the mind, if you know what I mean :-)

The season is but an overture to all the good things that could possibly happen, and pray, it does forever remain that way!

I appreciate this write coming my way especially when I had just done talking about what I did, a decade ago and how awfully monotonous things have become today. Serendipity :-)

I repeat: Christmas would be all year long if only you let it be :-)

Merry Christmas :-)

Amber Light said...

Amber's "adult-like" stiff and serious demeanour is thrown to the winds as she puts her arms around little Puttu and says "omigosh choooo chwweeeet"!! :)

nan said...

Which is, the Christmas season would last all year long.

:D :D :D

Maestro has turned a kid? ;)

Pretty one :)

Priyanka Khot said...

Merry Christmas!!!

I too second your wishes...

Pretty Me!! said...

cute one !!!!

ruSh.Me said...

Summer Vacation: We all could use one.. :((
Magical Pencil: SURE!!
School Bag: I liked my school bag..
Downpour: Its already happening, Thanks to global warming!!
Flashlight: Seems like a tedious task..
Sleep till noon: Whenever I can find time.. AWWWW.....
Games: I like I-Spy, whats Lock&Key??? I remember "Crocodile, crocodile, which color do you want??"

Hmm.. Actually there is no age for asking a gift from Santa!!

sunita said...

lovely nostalgic journey :)

payal said...

very innocent write!:)

Matangi Mawley said...

:) ... merry christmas..
good 1!

Winnie the poohi said...

he he he :D :D

Puttu rocks as always !!

Merry Christmas :)