Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The Christmas tree gleamed in all its glory,
With gifts wrapped, labelled
And laid neatly underneath.
Greeting cards from loved ones arranged next to it, accordingly.
Everyone seemed busy preparing for the next day,
The dawn that freed the world from perpetual obscurity.

The house shone bright and glorious
With the spirit of yuletide.
Every face carried the warmth and charm
Of good tidings and cheer.
These were the few blissful moments
He cherished everyday.

Just after he woke up
And before he began the day.
He would rerun the night before Christmas
Right before his eyes like it was yesterday.
Well, this is the routine of a Soldier
Who guards our nation by the border all day.


ruSh.Me said... just an evening becomes the lifeline of someone's life...!!

smriti said...

nice one eddy :)

Priya said...

That's a beautiful thought woven into words and

PS- Merry XMas

Pretty Me!! said...

lovely write !!!! splendid !!!

Di said...

Very O'Henry-isque write... captures one's attention from the very first word. Good one!

payal said...

very thoughtful:)

dheepikaa b said...

sounds very distant.

why a Christmas day - you might not have an answer for. may be it was Christmas season you wrote it around. but yes. there is a day before everyone gets up in remembrance with. not just a soldier's. that was striking. you have a beautiful way of creating a person or a thing, even though distant for some reasons gets one identify oneself with it.that what makes your writing great poetry.

Winnie the poohi said...

ah beautifully touching!