Monday, December 01, 2008

Long Distance Dedication

“Good Evening everybody,
welcome to the Afterdark hours.
It’s Friday again and the weekend is here”
Said the RJ with a husky voice.

Few dedications rolled out as he read his mails.
Then lines were opened to his dear listeners.
Some teenage kid spoke in the beginning followed by a young female.
The tunes requested were played on air, one after another.

Then came a sober voice,
Which looked like he’d dialed the wrong number.
He asked for a pizza place and that’s when the RJ realized.
He told the caller it was a live show, hence told him to request a number.

Half heartedly but a little baffled,
He hesitantly told “I don’t really know what to say”.
The RJ was very courteous he told him how it worked.
And asked if he had someone special and a song he’d want to play.

Without thinking twice he said he had nobody,
And he just returned from a Juvenile Prison;
Then he asked hesitantly
if it’s ok to make a long distance dedication.

The RJ said “Well Sir, this is a local radio station
but if it can reach them I have no objection”.
The listener replied “I hope she can hear it.
But either ways I’d like you to play it.”

Now the RJ told “Go ahead! Tell me your good name,
The one you’d like to dedicate it to and your dedication”
“To my dearest mom” he said, “this is from her Lil Sunbeam.
Please play ‘Mama, I’m coming home’. I hope she gets this station
in her part of heaven.


smriti said...

very sweetu hai puttu ji :)

aap scribble ;)

Pretty Me!! said...

simply sweet :) !!

Amber Light said...

What a terrific story!!
Extremely well told.

nan said...

Simple yet sweet :D
nicey nicey !

ruSh.Me said...

Okay, DON'T answer my question.. was He in the Juvenile Prison because he did something to his mother???

I hope not...

As he seems remorseful, I thought it might be a possibility..anyways, it seems quite like a short movie, murder mystery plot to me, though more in motion and fluent.

I didn't know about the song, so searched for it a little bit and found it here

Had I not been in office, I would not have stopped those tears from coming out.....

coffeeismypoison said...

see u can write so well...

Winnie the poohi said...

whoa! a dark one.. and more importantly a sad one from you.. why i wonder!

Chakoli said...

saaad :((

Chakoli said...

saaad :((

Sashu... said...

hmmmm...sad....nice as ever

shruthi said...

sad n nice.... A very diff thought indeed...:)

Eli K said...

"Then lines were opened to his dear listeners."

Good one!
Nice 2 b here again!
From Brazil,

payal said...

Very sad..but very nicely put:)