Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Puttu and Chethi

Sliding the big bolt of an old green gate,
He stood on the lowest grill and pushed himself in.
Sliding smoothly he moved forth with a creaking noise,
Jumping off that rail he ran towards the doorbell.

He jumped as high as he could and struck the doorbell switch.
Ammamma closed the gate and walked in after him.
Once. Twice. Thrice. The bell rang and the door opened bit by bit.
A smile with a pair of teeth peeping out welcomed them.

Puttu was excited to see his cousin Chethi after a long time.
He was surprised to see Puttu standing at the door.
He rushed in and they both jumped in joy.
It was summer so they knew they’d spend the entire day, together.

They both ran to the showcase without wasting any time.
Chethi was totally thrilled to show his Christmas gift, the toy plane.
That very moment Puttu tried reaching it but the plane soared high.
With eyes and mouth wide open he saw it fly in Chethi’s hand.

Smoothly it landed back in the showcase,
That instant Puttu snatched it and ran holding it up.
Chethi chased him till they reached the terrace.
Tired and breathing heavily they gave up and settled on the stone bench.

The next plan was to make paper planes and set it on flight.
Hunting down red ants and dropping them in empty jam jars,
Then building a home for frogs with leftover bricks in the backyard;
And bursting that box of crackers from last Diwali was also on their agenda.

Summer was their best time of the year.
Time was what belonged to that old clock that hanged on the wall.
The world moved at their pace and at times it would even wait.
They had no plans nor did they rush for absolutely anything at all.

They had all the time in the world to while away.
Little did they know that this season, once gone, would never return;
Parallel lives and geographical boundaries would tear them apart.
Maybe, deep down, they already knew that tomorrow’s ignorance is today’s bliss.


Winnie the poohi said...

how do u manage to paint such pretty pictures of innocence?

Sashu... said...


A beautiful innocence shines thru this scribble! enjoyed it :)

smriti said...

wowwwww!!! stunning...Puttu is the best u know....he makes me forget all the tensions in the world....n feel fresh...aah....Puttu's today's bliss :):)

Muse said...

I Was clairvoyant you'd come up with something like this :D

Sweet :)

Amber Light said...

or today's ignorance is tomorrow's bliss. :)

How I wish we could go back to those days. I agree we can relive that , but not without a pang of disappointment of those days having gone by.

Thanks. This is lovely

chytra said...

so nice and pleasant...