Monday, November 17, 2008

Pick of the day

A walk down to the corner shop
Under the scorching midday sun.
Sweat trickling down the forehead;
On a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Three bloody, extra ripe tomatoes,
Small sachets of red chilly, turmeric and cilantro powder.
Oil, jaded green chilies and two tear jerking onions
And to garnish some curry leaves and coriander.

A glass of cold water to quench the thirst
After returning home.
Some music in the background
To set the right mood.

A stainless steel knife, chopping board
Non-stick pan and a hot plate that’s turned on.
First the oil and then onions slither down the teflon,
Curry leaves and powders follow as they turn golden brown.

Moment of silence for the slain tomatoes,
Then everything goes in with lil water.
Stirring them well with a spork the aroma escapes.
Dash of salt and coriander. Tomato Curry's ready to be served.


smriti said...

hehe...nice experiment master chef ;)

Muse said...

LOL!!! Well done, chef :)

Pretty Me!! said...

perfect recepie !!! thanks for sharing ;)

Amber Light said...

Laughing out loud! Recipes always bore me. But this has to be the most entertaining piece I have read!!! Must be as enjoyable to eat as well :)

The Arc:-) said...

he he he...This is Nice;-)

Priyanka Khot said...

If only all chefs imparted cooking in verse... I would spend more time in the kitchen.

Too Good...
Kudos for the yummy post.

sweety said...

:) brought a smile to my face

Winnie the poohi said...

ah lovely!!

I can hear the sizzling pan!!

Hephzi said...

neat :)

sunita said...

hahahhaah........culinary expertise also on the cards........some lucky girl will have fun time ;)...hehhhehe too good :)

Kartz said...

Hmmm... That was novel. Good 'un!


Greetings; first time here. And thanks for visiting my space. Do stop by again.

Peace, and have a nice day.


Pretty Me!! said...

Hi .. Here is somethign for you .. Hope you like it :

shruthi said...

hmmm.. someone had learnt cooking :) :)

good one :)