Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Dark Maiden

Lend your ears to my humble plea. Don’t just read;
Not many passersby really pay heed.
They simply roll their iris from left to right.
Till it’s time for them to leave.

Here I am, imprisoned in a towering wooden fortress.
Arm yourself with the twin edged sword of skill.
Put on your armor of intellect
And march forth, oh! gallant soul, and liberate me.

Tear these walls down;
Hold me by your hand.
Take me to your world.
And unleash the words that are caged within.

Take charge and guide me;
Lead me with your wisdom’s beacon.
Let me be the medium
To converge your expressions;

I’ll be your spear.
Now, take aim and shoot your point of view.
I’ll be your envoy to echo those silent thoughts,
That reside in the abyss of your psyche’s labyrinth.

Strengthen me with slogans of courage.
Make me yours with verses of love.
Don’t let me die an ill-fated virgin’s death;
Make me your thoughts’ eternal soul mate.

Mend me with your words of solace,
Sharpen me with your vivid inspiring thoughts.
Let me live even after I die,
Through those immortal words of yours.

Give my existence a purpose.
Don’t let me be what I am right now.
Help me reach my destiny
Set me free and take me along.


smriti said...

left me speechless...veryyy beautiful :)

Muse said...

Reminds me of the pencil's story.

Pretty Me!! said...

interesting .... loved the flow of the poem :)

Winnie the poohi said...

Ah! beautiful!

sweety said...

direct dil se:) puiercing the readers heart n mind ..

scribbler ..youve done it again

what more can i say !!


i liked your butiful work after a long time though...

after eclipse and ur pehley wale...this is the best

sunita said...

brilliant.........the thoughts n expressions r very strong

Dolly Singh said...

Very impressive.
Good thought and content :)

ruSh.Me said...

Me, a novice,
You an expert...

Entries Still Open

nan said...

Nice contemplations :) maestro!

Nemo said...

you got it, buddy!


D said...

Wonderful, simply because this is a purely thoughts-giving-to-words poem, and with very less images. The voice has a very precise n strong language, clear thoughts, but lacks a particular emotion. I would want to believe it is intended. If so, why?

Kartz said...

Ah... Thoughts in motion! Loved it.


Prachi said...

i do not get much time but whenever i get i read good piece of writings.. i am regular to your scribbles from past one year..

I know not 'm right or wrong.. since i never care to know.. may be my comment(NO)- A Compliment(DEFINITELY) is too weird.. but...

I'm an ardent admirer of P.B. Shelley... after long time i read something which ecohed same feeling in me which i got after reading

"A Hymn To Intellectual Beauty"

Nicely written... could have infused more intensity...still cannot be ignored the verity of thoughts... :)

Good Luck!!

shruthi said...

I don;t have words for this one.. it was a lovely read :)

Latika Mishra said...

pencil as a maiden, a nice portrait...
first time on your blog...
its good to be here...