Wednesday, October 22, 2008

when baffled...

Why’s that we get hassled, too easily,
When we’re in some kind of trouble?
Why can’t we look beyond
When we’re faced by a hurdle?
Perhaps, we’re standing too close,
To the unsolved jigsaw puzzle.
Overshadowed by the fear of losing,
We don’t even risk moving ahead.
It’s ok to take a few steps back.
To get the clear, big picture.
Now, leap not until you’ve taken a moment,
And given the next step a deep thought.
Cos it doesn’t really take a bullet to burst a bubble.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Post Card

All alone he was searching at the bookstore,
Looking for a post card to send across.
Some had pictures of places that were old and famous.
The beach, the monuments and snapshots of streets,
Portraits and caricatures of eminent people.
And some had vivid paintings from painters of great fame.

Some carried a few lines from templates
That looked sweet, fine and clich├ęd.
After dusk, a few more hours;
Flipping through the racks, high and low;
There wasn’t even one that awed him at a single glance.
More than a few hundreds he scanned but nothing could complement her.

Not that she was too hard to please.
It’s just that he couldn’t make up his mind.
Though the choices were many
That special one he couldn’t really find.
So he settled to put this exclusive scribble
Behind a plain post card.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Is what I call this; you may call it by any other name.

I’ve tried to put together to express what I feel right now.

If you may. Don’t just simply read.

Come closer. Take a good look at it before you leave.

Don’t you dare. Return whenever you find more time to splurge.

Let your eyes flow on, word by word as you move.

I recommend, in between every line.

There’s no hurry in arriving at a conclusion.

I owe you for your time and patience.

Undoubtedly you are, if you could make sense out of this.

Is what I’d also call this. To perfectly kill time.

They differ. They always do. Yours and mine.