Thursday, September 18, 2008

Love Note

It’s been quite deafening all the time.
This seems never ending, the silence in between.
I pretend that the distance between us will shrink,
But I don’t really know if we’d ever get to meet.

I’m sure you read my thoughts,
Even though we seldom talk.
We occasionally exchange glances,
Unless it’s your reflection I chance upon.

Our visions meet in unison,
Yet, apart, we’ve always stayed.
We share our life’s mission;
And parallel lives we’re destined to lead.

When happy or hurt
We’ll shed tears for each other.
No matter what we do.
We’ll remain together in thought. Forever.

We’re two beings of a single soul.
It’s more than just love that unites us.
I hope you understand my love for you,
Which I’m expressing through this Scribbler’s quill,
I’m the other eye who lives by your side.


Sashu... said...

aha!! a different hue diz tym!! nevertheless a beautiful one!! :)

Manali said...

nice. touching. intriguing. keep penning.

Vinz aka Vinu said...

penned well..
liked those lines..
keep writing..!!

a silent love.


Dipa said...

"Nazrein Milana..Nazrein Churana...
Kahin pe Nigahen..Kahin pe Nishana"
Well Love is in the Air fo sure...
Also for the other eye and the one watchin n waitin n wishin... :)
May u get wat u wish for :)

smriti said...

just awesome :)

d last line is again a always :)

Winnie the poohi said...

nicely written.. love to see a romantic write after ages :)

like the fact that its very positive.. no complaints n no regrets :)

Amber Light said...

An eye writes to the other one eh? :) Good one!

Priyanka Khot said...

Now thats a love note that suits the current weather here in Delhi. The romance in your words is alive and kicking... it is so real that it has almost become a third being which has a separate identity. very well penned, as usual.

I am a fan... a follower. :-)

Pri said...

wonderfully written...

often a times, silence is all we've got to express how much we care...we can but only hope that our silence is understood :)

Rukhiya said...

Very soft and romantic

Muse said...

Hmmm...'Love'ly note indeed!


bautiful..especially d last 2 stanza's were too good...:)

SOUL'S SCRIBES!!! said...

"When happy or hurt
We’ll shed tears for each other.
No matter what we do.
We’ll remain together in thought. Forever."
But in today's mundane existence, With tidings pressing for pragmatism, Wallowing in just Memories-has proved quite an imbroglio, in terms of the eagle eyes that maketh the society, may i add.But they are sweet-reminiscences that take you to nowhere but give you immense self-satisfaction and a dreamy smile from the heart:-)

sherin m s said...

I’m the other eye who lives by your side.
too perfect a love note...

Ivory Maiden said...

Profound Thought...Simply expression...

Veens said...

its kinda sad... i feel sad

vert nice

kamna said...

we are two beings of a single soul..
Its more than just love that unites us..

my i say this is my favvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv now!!

Pretty Me!! said...

the last lines were just perfect to seduce any one :D