Thursday, September 25, 2008

seeking absolution

Unforgiven and gray, he sat alone;
Surrounded by sedge and a militia of mice,
In a dark dungeon corner.

He craved to breathe the whiff of independence.
But chained down, there he lay, to the anvil of peccadillo.
He was now a prisoner of consequence;

His offense was unpardonable
By his love who was bruised by his words.
Now the slip seemed completely irreversible;

The Fallen, he was in her sight;
Succumbed badly to the gravity of haze.
Yet he never lost his will to rise.

Capitol punishment or life imprisonment,
He didn’t really bother about the worldly verdict.
He died, when he learnt his love was misunderstood, that very moment.

But he awaits her presence, patiently, even today.
With undeterred hope, his eyes peer beyond the prison bars.
That she’ll absolve, and come to bail him out, someday.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Love Note

It’s been quite deafening all the time.
This seems never ending, the silence in between.
I pretend that the distance between us will shrink,
But I don’t really know if we’d ever get to meet.

I’m sure you read my thoughts,
Even though we seldom talk.
We occasionally exchange glances,
Unless it’s your reflection I chance upon.

Our visions meet in unison,
Yet, apart, we’ve always stayed.
We share our life’s mission;
And parallel lives we’re destined to lead.

When happy or hurt
We’ll shed tears for each other.
No matter what we do.
We’ll remain together in thought. Forever.

We’re two beings of a single soul.
It’s more than just love that unites us.
I hope you understand my love for you,
Which I’m expressing through this Scribbler’s quill,
I’m the other eye who lives by your side.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Time Trader

You’re here with absolutely nothing to do.
Or are you here because you’re rich with leisure?
I do understand that time is a luxury,
Which not many can afford to squander.
But it seems like your hourglass is up to the brim.

Let’s strike a deal.
The returns will exceed your expectations.
Let’s play a game where you’ll be in the lead.
There are no rules to follow and no guidelines to adhere.
Break ‘em, bend ‘em or just don’t pay heed.

Splurge if you may as this day might not return.
Hang around for a while if boredom’s riding on your back.
I’ll try to keep you busy in my world,
Just let your iris follow me from word to word,
And then your mind and soul, together, will play along.

Let me begin the game,
Go ahead! Stand upright. Get set at the Start line.
There are no retakes and you can’t start all over again.
Make your first move as I roll the dice.
You’ve traded your time to be my pawn.