Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sacrifices to blessings

Off to the place I left behind sometime ago,
I’m returning to my haven where I belong.
Just a couple of days yet it seems like years have gone.
Cos it’s the first time I’ve stayed far from home.

The wait has ended now I got to go.
To meet some souls that wait for this estranged soul.
With arms wide open, I see them waiting with bated breath.
They seldom know that I’m returning again to the place where I’m from.

The road that opened up to new opportunities as I moved,
Is happy to see me again as I go back for a moment.
It speaks to me without words by showing me the horizon;
It silently says to return in peace cos there’s still a long way to go.

I remember leaving behind a whole lot of things,
Some of it can be reclaimed and some will remain unchanged.
Few moments that can’t be reversed and a few things I may have to let go.
Because I believe that yesterday’s sacrifices become blessings of tomorrow.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Puttu at the beach

A big leap from the auto to the tiled floor,
He landed on the pedestrian walk by the seashore.
Dad and mom one after another followed,
As they stepped out of the same auto.
This was the day he’d been waiting for all along.

He squeezed between them
And gently gripped both his folks’ index fingers.
Taking tiny little steps one by one
He walked, hopped, swung back and forth
Clinging down from his folks hands.

Sinking his feet into the sand, one after another
He kicked the sand into the air as they walked further.
The cool breeze brushed his face and slowly messed with his hair.
He was seldom bothered as he knew there was something bigger in store.
He looked up and froze, for a moment, as he stared into the horizon.

So much water he had never seen till date.
Even his school’s swimming pool seemed like a small bowl of water.
With a small fisherman’s boat sailing at a distance really far away,
The water looked pristine and blue like he’d seen in his colouring books.
He wondered and looked around for the big crayon, which gave the sea that blue.

Waves galloped steadily towards Puttu as he stood at the shore.
A lil scared and lot thrilled he watched the waves in wonder.
It seemed as though the waves were excited to see the curious visitor.
Excited on his arrival they cheered with a subtle uproar.
They pounced at his feet but Puttu ran away as fast as he could.

They swept beneath his feet and Puttu jumped, and ran.
Yet they were successful in touching his tender heels.
Standing at a distance he figured out they were actually playing a game.
He ran towards them teasingly as they failed and retreated.
And took to his feet the moment they rushed back again to grab him.

Mom and dad kept an eye on him sitting on a nearby rock,
Puttu never got tired; neither did the sea.
Finally, he ran to his folks and asked them for his nano sized water can.
Mom refused and told that the sea water is salty and not safe for drinking.
Puttu just smiled and said “Ma! I’m just going to bring along some
to play with me at home”.