Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Staring at the passersby
On a newly built wall.
He sat under the scorching sun
And the incessant rain,
immobile, unshaken.

Partly turning green,
Losing shape over time;
People seldom looked at him.
And even if some did,
Each one had an opinion of their own.

Some thought he was a reject.
A few called him an outcast.
Whereas, some thought of him
Without even thinking twice
That he was one of the leftovers of a lot.

On a gloomy, winter noon,
A crow sat on his shoulder after lunch,
It gave him company all through the noon,
Without exchanging glances or words.
They just silently stared at the busy road.

The crow tilted his head left and right,
Looking on either sides of the road.
Curious looking at every subject and the rat race,
But our protagonist sat there unimpressed,
Sporting his usual deadpan face.

People crossed them from life’s different facets.
Some were really old walking down, step by step,
While the youngest ran mischievously, up and down.
Vehicles and vehicles were all they could see.
In fact, he recalled it was one of these that had brought him here.

A burp or two and some droppings white,
The crow felt a little light to resume its flight.
Sharpening its beak on the snow capped observer’s shoulder,
The crow lifted off into the air
But jerked him towards the wall's edge.

Trying really hard to hang on,
He somehow managed to balance for a while.
Suddenly, the crow returned and sat again.
Apparently, he gave up as he lost his balance.
Straight down, he plummeted but the crow flew away, loudly, cawing.

On the ground he lay on his back.
The world looked like it had turned upside down.
Fallen apart and broken into tiny bits,
His past flashed right before his eyes.
In fast forward motion like a biopic.

The big furnace in which he was born.
The tiled warehouse where he was never alone;
Looking up to the tall chimney that smoked all day.
The tough times he had to go through before he was chosen.
Swinging from one pair of hands to another as he boarded a big truck.

The long journey he made on a truck’s back.
Reaching the place where he had to fulfill a purpose.
And being left behind as the odd one out;
Just about every moment of his life he recalled.
The vision blurred and it went blank.

He suddenly felt like he woke up from deep slumber,
Wore a brand new look as he was being carried away in thin air;
Discovered in a place he always dreamt of.
There were bricks, bricks and bricks all around.
In all shapes, sizes, shades and colours.

He was excited like never before.
At last, he’d found a place where he belonged.
Just when he was searching for a place to settle down,
He saw a similar wall across the street.
Aiming at the ridge of the wall he began to move.

To his amazement he was picked by a tender pair of hands.
Before he knew he was at a big construction site.
The foundation of which was just being laid.
He was placed carefully at the heart of the site.
He heaved a sigh of relief when he heard a booming voice say
“The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone today.”


Dipa said...

A biography of a stone...gr8 one...perfect climax..liked it :)

Muse said...

Hmmm...the corner stone becoming the capstone:):)
Signature Scribbler style:):)


The blue Dendrobium looks absolutely stunning!!!(I like the white ones better tho':P)

Pri said...

phew! that was a real long scribble...
nice one though :)
but somehow the length made its lose its magic on the way...no offence please...

keep scribbling! :)

Winnie the poohi said...

poor corner stone :(

Ivory Maiden said...

you breathe life into the most inanimate object too...
really nice

d SINNER!!! said...


dave_cybercoolie said...


this is just zimbbbly awesome, saar!!! :-)

it just pulls you into itself!

Applause :-)

Happy Writing...

Rukhiya said...

That cycle of life, very neatly potrayed. :)

RiverSoul said...

Never in any of my poems, have i ever tried personalising an inanimate object. Bravo.
Liked your blog. Wil visit again.
Do visit mine too.

hjghjg said...

sorry was a lil late...neways...this one is nice....n loved d description here :)

smriti said...

sorry was a lil late...neways...this one is nice...loved d description here :)

n btw...new pics r also amazin...is it tht u hv become proficient as a photographer as well...?? or is it tht u hv purchased tht DSLR nw?? :P

sridari said...

heyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! u have a greattttttttt talent!!!!!!!! beautifullllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just tooooo good!!!
i ges its time u can compile ur poems and make a book :)
i m sure it wud be the best selling book ever :)

Anonymous said...

long sad tale .....


GR8 descriptions..wonderfully expressed as well..

Esther Jayasheela said...

i loved to read this... couldn't guess till the end.