Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Drop

Falling down into the oblivion,
I could hardly find the rock bottom earth.
Thinking it’s a dream I tried to wake myself up,
Just then I landed slickly on my feet.

Darkness all around,
I could hardly see my own nose.
Lost and estranged I felt,
Just then a ray of light pierced my eyes.

Led by instinct I followed the light.
Into an opening I squeezed myself out.
The narrow opening sealed up behind me
As I struggled my way through;

With a staff in my hand,
A pouch of silver in the other,
And a hood on my head
I found myself in a crimson robe.

The cobble stone boulevard looked deserted
Till I took a turn around the corner;
To my surprise the street unfurled itself
All around there was chaos churned by many hawkers.

With clouds resting over its edges,
and its tip doing the balancing act,
An inverted pyramid scaled skywards,
Surrounded by hawkers calling out for buyers;

This abstruse marvel was at the center of the mystic souk.
And its shade was the shelter for traders both big and small.
Some sat in tents and some with goods spread on the streets.
Each one had something or the other to offer that looked bizarre or vile.

The first stop was at a mannequin and vase vendor.
Crystal, glass, clay and porcelain,
He had a plethora to offer for every customer.
And in each he had captured the spirit of a gremlin.

Startled for a second, I just moved forth.
A few yards away sat a real old man with a blue beard.
Stacked up in his tent were cycles and clocks,
Timeless unicycles, sundials, hourglasses and single hand timepieces.

Everything had a similar price tag,
This read ‘Your soul or a feline’s nine lives’;
And the most illusory fact of these possessions was
The hands of the dial moved anti-clockwise.

Gasping every moment and taken aback
By whatever I saw,
I kept on walking, tirelessly, looking around
Trying to find a purpose behind this endeavor.

I’d almost seen each and every stall,
Except the weirdest and the biggest of them all.
It was the pyramid itself which I finally had to glance.
At its tip were a platform and an elliptical entrance.

The dim light of oil lamps welcomed me as I entered.
They were on either sides of the staircase
That spiraled up to an attic.
Reaching there I saw something I’d least imagined.

Amidst cobwebs and fine dust
There were rows of dolls arranged on shelves of the walls.
At the far end of the big chamber, its little caretaker, stood.
He looked like a kid who’s really puny and small, from afar;

Humming a tune he limped slowly towards me with radiance.
An old, one eyed, albino dwarf with blonde hair and pointed ears,
He wore a wicked grin on his wrinkled face,
Carried a doll that imitated my image;

Stretching his other hand forward,
He asked for the pouch with silver in my hand.
That’s when I realized he wanted to trade.
Silver for soul that was in the voodoo doll;

I felt perplexed the very moment I knew,
But my mind wanted to play the fool.
Knocking the dwarf’s head with my staff,
I tried to seize the doll off his hand.

Apparently, it didn’t make much of a difference,
He stood like a rock, three feet tall.
I tried to run but I just couldn’t,
Holding the doll up in the air he began an arcane chant.

Pulled out a needle with a diamond eye
That was hidden under his sleeve;
Into the voodoo doll’s heart he pierced it deep,
I could feel an unseen sliver penetrate me.

Frozen in pain I closed my eyes tight,
I wished I was dead than go through the pain.
The world around turned dark and I felt like I’d lost my sight.
Into the oblivion I, once again, continued to fall.


Anonymous said...

Intriguing but well crafted!

Loved the way you ve coined certain sentences!

Keep up the good work and keep them coming!


Muse said...

Pain so realistically described in the last stanza,I could sense it!! A nightmare,this,right??The story reminds me of Paulo Coelho's Alchemist,except for the ending!!!I have a strange feeling that there is more to the last two stanzas than the apparent fictitious narration(instinct, again)!!!Not that it isn't your style,but I think this write is a little too wordy compared to your recent writes!!!That apart,the pictorisation is vivid,transporting the reader to another world!!!

RiverSoul said...

Really Gr8. You really have outdone yourself
Keep it up man

RiverSoul said...

Really Gr8. You really have outdone yourself
Keep it up man

Winnie the poohi said...

just amazing!

gunj said...

nice blog n a nice post thr!!

smriti said...

good one....quite unusual of all ur works..

Amber Light said...

Reminded me of "The Hobbit", "Bazaars of Hyderabad" by Sarojini Naidu and I had some visions of Diagon Alley from Harry Potter!! Then again, I have never really seen imagery like this. Scary!!! Great going!

Joel said...

Well to be honest, I couldn't read this post. The font color and the post background color just made me feel dizzy. I think you should have used white as your font color and posted it. Hope you change it... :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the read.

Scribblers Inc said...

that almost reminds me of Lord of the rings...good stuff...would have been great if you could write it in prose...greeat work nonetheless!!:)

scribblers inc.

Sashu... said...

mystic...intriguing... beautiful narration.. felt transported across time and space... beyond words, an experience , diz one truly is..loved it :)


very good scribble as you scribbler.......wud definitely give you a detailed analysis as soon as i get time......

Anonymous said...

hey loved this one...
it gives a vague but very true depiction of pain.

P.S: I missed just too much in here... gotto get back to my research on "" very soon... and must add... the pics are just beautiful.

catch you soon buddy...

Keep Scribbling!

d SINNER!!! said...

long one there...i tended to loose intrst a lil as it kept on goin on...but wll crafted...

Nandhini said...

Maestro, a master piece again but believe me perhaps this really long nevertheless the flow was just awesome !

rahul said...

bit long..but gud one!!!

nice blog!!!

payal said...

Lots of pain....This write took me to some other world....but sorry to say a typo distracted me when I was just about to finish reading this narration.
I tired to run but I just couldn’t,
tried* I guess!
But such petty mistakes can never be counted when the write is simply amazing!a nightmare?:)