Saturday, June 21, 2008

U 2?

I don’t feel so good today;
Feels like this is just not my day.
I know this isn’t the right way to start.
Can’t really think of what’s wrong,
Could you spare a moment and walk along?

Perhaps, you have better things to do.
Something more important to look into;
Someone to meet or someone to call and speak to
Or an appointment you have to reschedule.
I appreciate you taking time off and hanging around.

I’m in no mood to rhyme.
And I guess I don’t really want to complain.
Now did that rhyme?
Hmmm never mind, this seriously sounds strange.
Cos I’m feeling totally deranged;

The radio croons loudly in the background,
Yet I hardly pay heed to the words.
The beats seem to sync in with my pulse,
And some times they seem to go off beat.
Trust me I’m just scribbling this in a daze.

It’s this restless feeling in the mind,
When you think that the world looks perfect
But still something doesn’t seem alright.
You want to go to someplace else,
But you still don’t even want to move an inch.

Ah! Walk this way, we’re somewhere there,
I guess I can figure this out. Now, let me tell you.
This is that lost feeling which I was wondering about.
I don’t experience this more often,
That’s the reason I tend to forget.

Once in a while I feel there’s nothing to worry about,
And I am sinking deep in my comfort zone.
There’s nothing much to keep me on my toes.
It’s this regretful feeling of having no regrets.
Now I’m not surprised if you say, at times, you too, feel the same.


rukhiya said...

I really liked the feel of this poem, so relatable and easy to identify with. I shall scream.. Me 2 :) Yay!! :)

Dipa said...

"It’s this regretful feeling of having no regrets"...deep thought..may be m yet to experience this...but a perfect scribble this one is..not much of imagination but yet left me thinkin...:)

prritiy---------sneh said...

thats something deep, very deep, touching the very core of heart,

Muse said...

Hmmm...Now let's get it straight...We don't believe in complaining,yet we do...don't we('we'-includes me)??:P
Blame it on the magic of advertising:P(?)

Shouldn't you feel blessed to be experiencing this?You know what I mean,don't you?Count your many blessings,monsieur! :):):)

"I don’t experience this more often,
That’s the reason I tend to forget."

I like it..really do..Life has been too good,to put it in a secular way.
Might sound ridiculous but I wish you experience this often.Wishing you the best life can offer:):):)

Muse said...

W.R.T the previous comment I made,a gross structuring error there!The lines I quoted should have come at the beginning;and in the place of that one, another!
Here goes that:
"It’s this regretful feeling of having no regrets."
:):)I beg your pardon:)

d SINNER!!! said...


plain, good yet lacks ur style..

Amber Light said...

Sure I have felt the same way. I liked this one. It rambles on about nothing, like lot of your scribbles. It sounds spontaneous :)

Anonymous said...

very nice dude...ur poems are awesome...
liked this one especially...
can i blogroll u??

Winnie the poohi said...


who can say no ?

Nothingman said...

freaking nice....

hey, if you get time do check out the album 'fear of a blank planet' by porcupine will find an echo of your emotions...

great work once again!


Anonymous said...

u take my heart away with each of ur write... glad i get it back b4 i cud read next ;) ... neway ,,, my fav lines are :

Can’t really think of what’s wrong,
Could you spare a moment and walk along?

so filled with sense of love n concern ...

Anonymous said...

Your peoms feeling lazy too

payal said...

Can relate to this write....A different write from you!But its nice as always!:)

winx said...

gr8 work!!!!
exactly put how one feels...esp in these line..

"It’s this restless feeling in the
......’t even want to move an inch."

too gud to know tht there r more ppl who feel the same way