Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Sitting on the roof top he stared and stared at the skies
Wearing a pale face with eager eyes:

Like always it looked like he was sculpting the sky,
With his imagination he chiseled the clouds skillfully.

But that wasn’t what he was up to this time,
Though that had been his favourite pastime.

Clouds, birds, kites and dragonflies,
Nothing amused him and his wait continued patiently.

Now his neck was aching so he just looked down,
Saw his dad taking the routine walk, up and down the porch.

In a moment he was down, standing right next to dad,
Looking down at him, “What’s wrong?” Dad squatted and asked.

Puttu said “It’s been sometime dad, since I looked up and smiled.
Since a few days there’s not a single aero plane in sight”.

Dad said “That’s the reason I say read the newspaper everyday.
Cultivate this good habit in your younger days”

“They’ve all moved to distant skies after they built the new airport.
I doubt you’ll see them more often like you used to before.”

A big frown surfaced on Puttu’s face
And tears welled in his innocent eyes.

Dad looked surprised and questioned
“But why should that keep you from smiling?”

“I’ll tell you a little secret if you promise to keep it to yourself.”
Saying this Puttu stretched his open palm towards father.

Dad clasped his hand and said “Ok son. Go ahead”
And lifted him up and put him on his shoulders.

Pointing at the sky the lil lad began to explain,
Dad listened patiently as he carried Puttu to the terrace.

”Whenever I see a plane Dad, I look up to it and smile,
No matter how I am feeling it makes me feel good from inside.”

“It instills in me a deep sense of hope
That one day, over the clouds real high, I will also soar”.

Dad didn’t know what to say, he looked up to his son this time.
And promised him a trip to the new airport over the weekend.


smriti said...


Fuelled with hope...Puttu will definitely soar ;)

n callin this sweettt wd seriously b an understatement...loved it :)

d SINNER!!! said...

like always ...

Indrajit said...

well,I did not like the built -up here that much .You started wonderfullly with all those wonderful imageries, but somwhre in themiddle the connection got a tad sagging . I think it is largely due to the less inspiring prose .
Keep writing , actually u hav ebeen writng too goood of late , this 1 cud be evenbetter .. tc :) :)

Amber Light said...

I simply loved this one!What innocence.
“I’ll tell you a little secret if you promise to keep it to yourself.”
Saying this Puttu stretched his open palm towards father.

This image is so wonderful!!!Cute!

Puttu is a superb character, keep writing about him.

Dipa said...

It beautiful puttu ;)
I wonder how innocence says it all so wonderfully..cheers to u buddy..ur surely goin skyhigh :)

rukhiya said...

:) Sweet poem. More than that I miss having the airplanes flying over too :( *Sob sob*

chetna said...

Touching one indeed, good creativity you got, keep it up, i liked it......
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

At Times its just then small thngs right?!


Shal said...

this reminds me of my childhood, my house was close to the old air port n i grew up watchin planes and dreaming to be a pilot

Anonymous said...

Wow..U could write a book on Puttu and his tales