Saturday, June 28, 2008


With eyes closed, she reclined on the futon.
It was the darkest night of monsoon,
The downpour wore a dark disguise,
As it descended from the sinister skies.

Her legs were stretched out
And it rested on the nearby ottoman.
She kept a hand over her head
While the other had her mod jukebox.

Lost in the world of keys and strings,
She was under the spell of harmony.
Ears plugged to the gizmo that crooned to her command,
She was no more in the world she lived in.

The thunder growled and the lightning whacked,
Seldom did she pay heed to that delicate clamor;
She was now in a realm of her own,
Living every phase that had slipped through her fist.

Now her favourite tune began,
She sensed a tingle at her feet;
As a pair of lips kissed her under sole,
She surrendered herself to that corporeal feel.

The tune played on, the invasion carried forth.
Her lips turned dry and the thirst took over.
Wringing the upholstery, she perched on the couch.
She shut her eyes tight and clenched her fist.

She could feel the warmth all over her.
Submissive was she, as this continued,
The cold rain poured inside out,
She lost control and her dominion was conquered.

Slowly the lips reached hers and kissed a coy smile,
Beaming with bliss she opened her eyes.
Confronted with darkness she was startled for a while.
Rubbing her sleepy eyes she peered into the night.

The tune faded slowly as she came back to life.
Once again she smiled, but this time, with bitter tears.
Thinking to herself that the ghosts of the past never leave,
Playing the same tune all over again, she reclined closing her eyes.


Dipa said...

Sigh...and life goes on...Well u read minds da...loved this one..keep scribblin always :)

Meghna said...

Wish I cld write like u....great :)

Anonymous said...

"Thinking to herself that the ghosts of the past never leave,
Playing the same tune all over again, she reclined closing her eyes"


Keep Scribbling!


Muse said...

Hmmm...Music and rain:):)Lovely..and I always thought it was memories,food and the rain:P
A bit of wordplay with the futon and ottoman,I see.Isn't the ottoman more of a stool type of object, and the futon a mattress? a 'raised' footrest,huh?:);)

The tingle,the warmth,the thirst, the bliss- like the usage of words:):)..I could somehow sense a cadence in this write,dunno why!!
Maybe bacause I've lived it??!!:):) Has a poignant touch at the end.Stubborn me,pictured myself!!!!
I wouldn't call this a trip down memory lane,coz the phantasma still continues to haunt.


Keep scribbling.

Shal said...

as ever gripping naration!

Rukhiya said...

Hauntingly beautiful!! Mesmerizing!

Kalm-na said...

not read smthing as dis
Spectacular beyond measures..

hjghjg said...

rhetoric description...n truly amazin flow

Sashu... said...

an emotional ride, diz one...loved it... :)

Amber Light said...

I am not sure I got this one clearly. I do like it though :)

Dolly Singh said...

Ah Charlie!
This one is so real...I could actually feel it!
The memories that come rushing with the sheets of rain..
Absolutely loved it!

Nemo said...

This. Is. A. Masterpiece.
Kinda makes me wonder what her story might have been!
Hey! There ya go...I just gave you an assignment! :))

Kidding, scribbler!

Hats off to you. Always.


Anonymous said...

enchanting !! was a bit sad fr the end :( ...