Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ammamma, Puttu and the Summer Rain

Puttu and grandma sat together,
In the backyard discussing the current affairs.
Not of the nations or the dirty politics in it,
Nothing to do with nuclear warfare or even world peace.

He told her to make cookies,
which she made for last Christmas.
And his favourite combo: chutney and crispy dosas
For the next day’s breakfast.

She told him stories from her childhood,
How they used to climb trees and make sand castles.
Biting into fruits straight from the trees,
And tasting wild honey that dripped from the bee hives;

Getting wet in the rain and going down the big stone slide,
Kicking clouds as they swayed to and fro on the swing.
Shooting down mangoes, guavas and tamarind with a catapult;
Picking sweet-scented flowers from creepers and shrubs.

How they played Hide and seek from sunup to sundown,
And how they ran for cover while playing Seven tiles.
Football and Kabaddi was a big no no for her.
Only watched her brothers and neighbours play and kept score.

Puttu’s face glowed with amazement;
Sitting beside grandma on the doorstep.
He gawked with wide open eyes, at times, in disbelief.
Chuckled and cheered as she almost enacted every episode.

As they spoke he heard the delicate thunder,
’Ammamma’ he said, ‘let’s make boats in paper’.
She concurred and got some old newspaper;
Folding them one by one they prepared the fleet to set sail.

Splitter, splatter the rain drops crashed one after another.
It began to drizzle and Puttu ran into the rain.
She yelled “Don’t do that Puttu you’ll catch cold and fever”
Granny rushed back in and got the umbrella, in time.

Unfurling the umbrella she rushed to catch the lil devil,
He was caught in not time, she dragged him into shelter.
He pleaded with a fake frown and down came the crocodile tears,
”Amma please, just once. After all it’s summer”.

Her heart melted and she just couldn’t say no.
Closed her eyes, smiled and gave a nod.
He pulled her along too and she gave him company.
Holding each other’s hands they looked up merrily.

Puttu said “Aah, the rain tastes so nice, isn’t it?”
Granny smirked and whispered in his ears in disagreement
”Not really, let’s move to the shade and watch the paper boats sail”.
And Puttu asked “Why Ammamma?
Don’t they make the rain like they used to before?”


Dipa Uchil said...

Nostalgia strikes again..oh wat a wonder childhood is...and Ammamma makes it even more beautiful.But I wonder how did they made the rains before??? :)
And Now I knw ur secret nick name ;)
Gr8 write again...keep scribblin always :)

Winnie the poohi said...

So innocent and child like.. I can actually imagine this happening!

Sashu... said...

wow..such innocence recreated!!!

B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L :)

Juz adorable a write!!!!

Madhuri said...


how innocent !!

sunita said...

awesome awesome awesome..............and the last ironical sentence made me realise that things have changed...........u took me down the memory lane with ur write.......the mangoes the masti had in childhood was evoked starkly...........thank u for this wonderful write.....:)

Anonymous said...

i can see d joy u experienced ds weekend ;) !! lovely one here !!

Dolly Singh said...

Very simple n refreshing narration
Holds a subtle message in that innocent theme..
Loved it!
Keep them rollin'(ur style)

lavanya snigdha said...

oh my! its so beautiful...
infact i was reminded of my childhood when i would go out and pluck mangoes and tamrind... play hide and seek and make paper boats...
a nostalgic experience, im sure eevryone can relate with this one...
makes me think of better times...

Green Alien said...

Let's say... you have the knack to bring back old memories and make us wonder, why did we ever grow up?

Lovely imagery in your words!

Amber Light said...

Reminded me of my grandma. Lovely. The previous comments have taken the words out of my mouth. This has to be among my most favourite scribbles of yours.

smriti said...

awww....choo chweet puttu :P

never let tht innocence fade away ;)

innocence n rains together...m lovin it :)

shabbir said...

loved it, the innocence is too sweet and dam cute..!!
loved it..!! :)

shabbir said...

loved it, the innocence is just too sweet and too cute

god bless

d SINNER!!! said...

innocent enough...

Matangi Mawley said...

:D so cuuute! i was reminded of my granny actually.. i used to tail her wherever she went! her stories were usually the "ghost" "rakshas" and "princess" ones! :)
really.. very cute!

Nandhini said...

Don’t they make the rain like they used to before?”


Beauty and the BEast said...

that was moving..

That today mite be a different childhood, but children will always remain the same...


beautiful..every line has its won charm in it..fantastic work :)

Priyanka Khot said...

I usually really like your posts.

But as i told u during our chat as well, this time though the theme is excellent but unfortunately, personally I lost connect in some parts.

I hope you will take the comment with a pinch of salt.

But looking forward to reading a new post soon with your strong command on words and meter back.


HolyTrance said...

wow..i like the innocence in those words...

Pri said...

awww this did bring back old memories...i shared a similar relationship with my grandmother :)

swatimala said...

it was so cute, the rains and the relationship between the 2

and the subtle msg also

shruthi said...

This one brought so many wonderful memories back!! Such a lovely write... keep writing :) :)

Esther Jayasheela said...

love your style!

thanks for writing :)

The Fallen Angel said...

u make summers come alive.. like a journey down the memory lane.. Puttu ROCKS!!