Friday, May 16, 2008

The Spyglass

Just a few steps behind her, he stealthily followed,
Without even giving her a clue, he played her shadow.
Every step she took or any move she made,
He was with her every moment, every hour.

Visits to the neighbourhood Church or the nearest mall,
Be it the family doctor or the tennis club.
The A to Z super market or the designer store,
He just knew it all, almost all her whereabouts.

Every night they were on either sides of the spyglass,
He wasn’t really too far from sight, just on the opposite block.
But on her, was glued, his one hawk’s eye.
And the other spied relentlessly on the world by her side.

This happened for a few weeks and he knew she was clean,
Told her husband that she couldn’t be accused of infidelity.
Believing the spy, the Billionaire husband, would seldom do,
Doubted him instead and asked if she’d bribed him to say so too.

Shaking his head in shame he wore a grim face,
Looking down upon the crippled husband on the wheel chair;
He pitied for his fate and his beautiful dame.
And wondered how she could be so true to this docile demon.

Crippled wasn’t just his physic but also his thoughts in head.
He was crippled by assumptions and inferiority all the way.
Throwing his pay cheque into the dust bin, the spy, walked away,
He just didn’t want to be a part of this noxious game.

Next week, just a few steps behind, he followed,
Now he was on a new client’s mission;
Before he knew his target took a turn into an old bookstore;
Picking up that day’s newspaper he followed her as she moved forth.

Accidentally, he read the headlines and guilt stricken he just stood;
It read that the crippled Billionaire’s wife was no more,
Her body was found, the previous night, lifeless on the seashore.
He just turned around and reached for the spyglass in his pocket,
Threw it into the nearby thrash can and ruefully walked away.


Pri said...

ya...its sad but true!
the seed of doubt if planted in the mind can lead to disaster!

check this out..had posted it quite some time back :)

vandana said...

powerful storytelling :)engrossing!!

love the structure n the theme :)was a real pleasure to read his one :)

d SINNER!!! said...


gave me a shrug...

but hats off to ur use of wrds...

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Am short at words to express.
This is so much true... time and again we are said that Trust is the most significant aspect of any relationship... but how many of us really believe it this?
Expressing is the key... but easier said than done... we always tend to keep our views(read it as suspiscious views) about our loved one's to ourself leading to greater damage.

Anyway, this was pretty long...
Great piece of writing!

Keep Scribbling!!

smriti said...

hmm...nice read eddy :)

lavanya snigdha said...

i really like ur style of writting... its refreshingly modern and very captivating.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant read. Enjoyed the story and the morals.

Amber Light said...

This theme was superb. It makes me wonder for the nth time where you get your ideas from. But I was a little disappointed with this one because I thought there was something missing. There is always something that lashes out at me and wakes me up in your scribbles. This one ended rather limply.
Then again I think I am wrong in comparing your scribbles. Each one is different and special in its own way!
Happy week ahead!

Nandhni said...

Tis ya habit or wat??
Leaving ya readers wonder for a long time after having read ya works ;).

This one is again a gem on ya crown ;)

Anonymous said...

where did u get so "deadly"ideas ??? lolz !! this was a sad demise of a true love !

rukhiya said...

You have a way with narration, the meaning and morals deeply impinge and impress :)

kamna said...

how do u amnaj so amazingly to tighten the grip of ur readers with every pasing line ya???
sUpERb exPREssIOns!

The Muse said...


Very true that doubts,anywhere ,any which way, can wreak havoc.

Good one:)

Winnie the poohi said...

spying is such an thankless job!

sunita said...

wonderful narration..........


beautiful..very well narrated n the theme is beautifully conveyed as well..