Thursday, May 22, 2008


I listen to love songs no more,
Is it a result of my broken heart?
I try hard but can’t come up with scribbles on love;
Perhaps, I should just quit and move on.

She used to welcome the dawn in my company,
With her hands all over me, we spent time in harmony;
Words used to flow like perennial rivers before,
Her every touch used to teach me a new word.

It’s been really long since she even sat by me,
Over the table we used to lock gazes for hours.
Sipping coffee from a big porcelain mug,
She smiled, frowned, mused and cried.

We saw the world in each other’s eyes,
Toured across borders and uncharted terrains;
At times; we even traversed beyond
And embarked on a journey to outer space.

What happened to her suddenly I really know not,
Her single touch can spark things up and it’ll all restart.
Together, refreshing memories we’ll spend the nights.
With gazes locked we’ll suspend the world on pause.

She cherished her memories in my heart,
Retrieved and spent wee hours of the dark;
Browsing every moment one by one
And flipping them page by page.

Today, she enjoys another’s company.
Sleek, dark, smart and excels in all.
Wherever she goes, he's by her side.
She ditched this PC for a Laptop.


Dipa Uchil said...

Ha Ha Ha dat was awsm..Love story of a PC....mast tale hai....keep scribblin :)

Priyanka Khot said...

i loved the last line the best. :D

definition of upgradation... i tellya :D

Sarah Rahman said...

Interesting. I enjoyed reading it.

Keep it up!

vandana said...

:) "awesome" is the word !!! :)

really really enjoyed this of my favs..coz the end caught me completely offgaurd..never expected this climax :).

very nice !! :) brilliant imagination :)

Amber Light said...

*wide grin* I knew there would be such an ending, but what an ending it was my countrymen! hahahaha!! Thank you, this grin will be stuck to my face for the rest of the day as I sit and stare into my not-yet-obsolete PC.

smriti said...

heart rending one...n endin on a depressin note....this isn't how ur scribbles usually are... this missed d positivism...gr88 work tho!!

Winnie the poohi said...

suspense woo hoo!


*~*Sameera*~* said...

Ha ha!That was some twist in the story!

Very well scribbled :)

Aruna said...

As usual you have given a beautiful twist at the end. Excellent.

Pri said...

haha...funny twist! :D
couldent help but grin...
but seriously, did u have the 'pc laptop' concept in mind while penning down the first verse????

//cant come up with scribbles of love/// a pc??? :o

Nandhini said...

She ditched this PC for a Laptop.

Awesome finish MAESTRO

BTW: Hope this is jus an imagery!! :-o

Sidharth Poduval said...

very creative :)
keep it up

Indrajit said...

goood , very good ... mastre of surprises..;)

sunita said...

hahhahahaha.....charlie.....what a sense of humour.........u rock man.......u bait ur readers with this write.......:)

Hephzi said...

accidently strayed into ur blog..and my!! I get to read such a creative piece :) ...awesome is the word...

Hephzi said...

accidently strayed into ur blog..and my!! I get to read such a creative piece :) ...awesome is the word...


wow!!..left me speechless..

Latika Mishra said...

maza aa gaya!!!!!!!!!!!
ha ha ha....
its too good superb..