Saturday, April 05, 2008

Twisted Tale

On his knees in the dim light,
Hands together and eyes closed real tight.
He prayed fervently asking God,
To send him a storyteller tonight
So that he may listen to a bedtime story like he used to from dad.

He was sorry that he opted to run away,
In search of love and care
That he missed at home every single day.
Mom was busy with chores and baby bro,
Dad was at work 24x7 or off on some business tour.

He closed his eyes not wanting to wake up the next morning,
underneath a stone bench everyday;
Startled by the siren of an old goods train,
Which huffed, puffed and slowed down completely drained,
After carrying just about everything from a land far away;

Scared by those scarred strangers
who loitered around the platform all day,
He had found refuge at an old stone bench near the television pole,
Cuddled up into an old gunny sack,
He fought the biting cold and monsters that lurked in the night.

Several months had passed but he hadn’t known, or was it years?
Getting back home was something he dreamed but didn’t know the way.
School was a nightmare where he was just another face.
Here he got to see more people and even learn more,
And there was no detention or imposition for not doing homework.

Now he gently opened his eyes, after praying, and slipped into his sack.
Just then a passenger train’s siren went off as it was on its way.
In a distance, by the window he saw a familiar face;
It was his dad, perhaps, on a business trip again.
That very moment he sprang up with a smile and rushed to the speeding train.

Gasping and panting he ran with his weak legs,
Trying really hard to catch up, he never took his eyes off the train.
Somehow he ran next to the window and even the train sped.
Both exchanged glances and as he looked up and called out ‘DAD!!’
The siren went off again without letting his dad hear what he said.

Messed up hair, greasy face and mucky clothes,
Disguised him completely and little did his father recognize.
Reaching for some coins in the wallet, father tossed alms at his side.
The son stopped abruptly as he was taken aback on his twisted fate.
The father, clueless, bitterly cried looking at his son’s old picture in the wallet.


vandana said...

:) was worth the wait :)thanks :)

"..old stone bench near the television pole,
cuddled up in to an old gunny bag.."

love ur detailing...n the story is engrossing..captivating expression..keeps the reader glued.. :)on the whole, a very interesting read.

wanted the kid to catch the train..was waiting for the moment whn he wud.. :)but.....

Amber Light said...

God help these children and their parents that have been through these horrors. As ever your words come alive. Beautifully written.

smriti said...

simply beautiful n touchin :)

very rhetoric as well :)

Nandhini said...


Am spell bound!!


U r 2 gud a story teller

And the emotions!!! OMG could feel every single word!

Kudos nd Bows Maestro!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Ohh no!

so twisted... i hope this never happens to neone :(

freesherry said...

beautiful use of irony
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Matangi Mawley said...

i ve no words...


Priyanka Khot said...

Oh My God!!!

From where do yo come up with all these plots and how do you weave them into a peom... i wonder.

An ounce of your talent I pray,
God to throw my way!!!

sunita said...

speechless.....such dexterity in portraying the emotional journey of a lost child.......a master story teller......"bows"

Dolly Singh said...

The description was thorough n detailed and that mad it so perfect..

sycorax said...

Riveting ,,,it reeks for want of notice,

Shal said...

oh my god
i was glued to my computer screen reading this
thats how much it pulled me in

as ever BRAVO!!

Di said...

Twisted indeed! And how!

A wretched tale beautifully told... just the way you do.

Priya said...

Very touching..loved the use of irony in the end...worth a read..

d SINNER!!! said...

nice..wud like largr fonts..

aruna said...

very good story. well done

Anonymous said...

awesome one of your best write ups!!!

its really sad though....


wow!!..what a kahani mein twist :)..superb 1 man..luvd it immensly..

Eli K said...

"asking God,
To send him a storyteller tonight"

Strong words of a strong dreams!
Simple things more than those millions that big men wants...jus a father, a friend in life, a person to be close to...


Pri said...

that was touching! :(
it almost reminded me of that movie 'sadma' with a nearly similar ending...

really well written!


Anonymous said...

*********bows to thee*********

nemesis said...

the irony of life....very well depicted