Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Over the barren landscape of time,
Footprints of a nomad left a trail behind.
Where did he come from and where’s he off to?
The question remains unanswered, unless you read.

As the sun looked down with its piercing eyes,
A survivor emerged from the distant horizon.
Wiping the blood and sweat over his brows,
He stood there panting and coughing, dusting his robe.

At last, the wanderer had survived the sand storm of fate,
And lived through the experience to rise amidst the calm;
He’d broken free from the high-rise walls of despair.
And was caught in the turbulence of consequences as he crept;

He had struggled, in the yesteryears, through doldrums of doom,
That had imprisoned him and chained him in ruins.
Now, he moved ahead persistently paving his own road,
With his will that burned frantically he lit up his pathway;

Over the years, he had lost many a things,
Some were sacrifices, which he cheerfully gave,
But few he’d made with a bleeding heart in excruciating pain.
And some were snatched away by chance in vain.

Today, he surfaced to get back everything he’d lost,
To reclaim his life from tornadoes of yore;
All those things forbidden before will he accomplish now,
He has returned in pursuit of destiny and he’d retreat no more.


Dipa Uchil said...

Truly reviving....love ur way of story tellin and the wonderful flow of free verse.
Keep scribblin alwayz :)

Anonymous said...

wowzz.. who is this abt? You?

or every other person who is born from his own ashes with burning grit and soaring will.

amazing write up again!

smriti said...

lovely write eddy :)

n like i hv told u earlier as well...these days u hv even improved on ur perfection in writin scribbles :)

vandana said...

:) ... n rnt we all nomads n wanderers, lost in the dust storm of life's desert ...

a write that almost anyone can identify with...resurgence with faith n hope indeed :)

reminded me of "the alchemist" :)!

Shal said...

This is like the never give up attitude which carries we humans forward

good one :)

Pri said...

we all have hopes of a better tomorrow...
i dunno if i could get the right meaning of your scribble...but goin with the state of mind im int, i guess would take it as that...
have posted something on my blog today..and to my surprise , i felt that maybe we thinking along the same lines...i might be wrong though...
cheers!! :)

anthonynorth said...

There's a forcefulness and determination in this that says, success will eventually come.

Ashwini said...

its just awesome....i love the way u express your feelings.....too good
check out mine too...

akanksha said...

Loved it.:-)What u imagined is so much what I am going through these days.....identified with it soooo much.Amazing work!

Amber Light said...

very well written! Not your usual light stuff. It required some thought and time. But I am not complaining! It is great all the same. :)

Matangi Mawley said...

u have u'r way with words.. amazing!

The Muse said...

Awesome Scribble!

Refreshing and thought provoking.

You redefine the very word 'scribble'.

Brinda said...

I am ur FAN already! :)


i cudnt think 2 retreat till i read d last word :)..marvellous 1 dude...