Friday, April 11, 2008


Read no further, I wish you don’t,
You already read the title;
It’s just an experiment,
With some words woven together
And not many metaphors to accompany,
Just shaken, stirred, sampled and put to the litmus test;

Hope you aren’t still reading,
It’s not worth moving a line ahead.
If to kill time is why you’re here,
Turn around and leave or you might regret.
You have a couple more options to contemplate,
Than slay this moment mercilessly by gawking at this page.

STOP! Proceed no further.
You might find no meter or rhyme,
I don’t follow that habitually.
Twists and turns aren’t obvious, not necessarily in every scribble.
Some call it poetry and others free verse;
I still prefer calling it scribbles, please don’t misread me.

You’ve come this far patiently, I insist you retreat.
Perhaps, you don’t pay heed to caution
And make decisions on your own.
So you’ve opted to read the conclusion,
And kill the curiosity before it kills the curious.
‘Reverse psychology works even in a scribble’,
Now, that’s my experiment’s conclusion.
What’s your opinion?


Shal said...

u bet it does lolzzzz :D:D

Priyanka Khot said...


I fell for it...

uff an easy pray and a sought after subject for reverse psychologists. Amazing one. Did not even realise what was being done to me 

Anonymous said...

ha ha !!! thats always shud b on top of ur blog !! apt explaination to ur blog's name ;) .... nice !! n i call it an interesting successful "experiment"

Dipa Uchil said...

Yea worked on me...
Keep on scribblin and yea experimentin too ;)

Amber Light said...

Perfectly right! Reverse psychology always works. But that was not the only reason I read till the end :)


superb..must say this "experiment" is a success..:)

smriti said...

hahhaha....amazing....yeah...reverse dynamics works everywhere :)

well-penned :)

n i dont cm here to kill just to rejuvenate myself wid ur innovative new ways of portrayin ur thoughts...n m never disappointed :) n alawys leave my work on hold 4 this...mind it!!! :)

Rini said...

u call it an experiment?whoa!gr8 scribble:)
Keep it rolling!

vandana said...

:) this one is really quite out of the ordinary :)

one of my fav by u for sure :)

enjoyed every bit of it :)lovely!

CONGRATS N CHEERS ..on the sucess of ur experiment :D!!

Sashu... said...

ah! amazin psychology indeed!!!! very very interestin..kept me glued til de laz word..lovely!!!!

Candid Confessions said...

Although I did not trip for it, the charm of it took me to read it all! Nice one!

Nemo said...

It works...! :)


Anonymous said... sure does...LOLzzz

u got me there :P

amazing :)

Scribbles indeed.. nothing more nothing less.. u weave yur words so well.. nothing is outta place.. its jus perfect ;))

Dolly Singh said...

Lol.....I read it
Good experiment!
There is a kinda thrill in doing the forbidden

Anonymous said...

he he ,,,,

nice one [:)]

Usha :) said...

Absolutely! Works like a charm everytime..and all the posts above underscore your discovery of what makes kids and even adults tick!!

Lolzzz... I am always entertained and kept on the edge of my seat everytime I read something from you!

Great going!

freesherry said...

ticklish :D

d SINNER!!! said...


kwl attitude all thru...

shruthi said...

Lol... U proved it that reverse psychology works! :)

Good one... keep writing!! :)

*~*Sameera*~* said...

Cool concept there!

Nice blog you have :)

Madhuri said...

Reverse Psychology always works. ;)
Really Nice !