Wednesday, March 26, 2008

paper flotilla

I feel like sitting with a hot cuppa
Watching the battle fierce;
As the sky massacres the hot crust
With its quiver full arrows;

Tips studded with droplets of rain,
Arrows dart through thin air.
The war wages ceaselessly,
While mortals on earth run helter skelter;

Drop by if you’d like to give me company.
Do forget your umbrella
In case you’re coming over.
But forget not to bring along your note pad.

I too will have one by my side.
But we won’t scribble a word,
As the rains drops might be a real spoil sport
By washing away all our thoughts on paper.

We'll make paper boats and set it sail,
Watch it cruise through puddles and drains;
With sails wide open for the winds
To steer the flotilla away into the deep.


smriti said...

hw do u do tht eddy?? thanku 4 this cutuuuu n amazin write...i can get back 2 this everytime i feel like enjoyin d fantasy world :)

Thankooo soo much :)

vandana said...

:) wud love to join u :)

lovely write..enjoyed reading it n imagining myself splashing n floating paper boats..carefree n happy as a kid.. :)

thanks for sharing this one :)

Amber Light said...

So absolutely cute!! I absolutely loved this one :D "drop by" in the rain?? simply superb!

vrinda said...

really nice...i like to sit in the rain too..get drenched..and dream abt writing..and realize with a sigh that nothing could be as beautiful as the rain in itself :)

d SINNER!!! said...

bas ek baat btao...

tumhe inspire kaun karta he...:P

Eli K said...

"As the rains drops might be a real spoil sport
By washing away all our thoughts on paper."

Sometimes we need to do our own paper boats and exercise what we call infant age...

Hugs from brazillian autumn

Megna.m said...

Fantastic scribble :)

Indrajit said...

one fo ur best so far.. ;) :)

Dolly Singh said...

The opening lines are too good... stunner!
Lovely,refreshing write...
could feel the rain arrows falling all over me :)
I particularly liked the metaphors used in the write..
would love to read more 'rainy-day' writes from u..

Anonymous said...

"...and so i danced, like no one was watching"
This was what hit my mind, every time i thought of rains... Now, that I have read your scribble... all I can think of are the cute little paper boats swaying along... Loved every bit of it!


Keep Scribbling!!!

P.S: Just waiting(with my paper boats) for the rains to be back again... Wanna join?? ;)

Anonymous said... umbrellas when i ome in the rain
jus small boats, with our thoughts running astray :)

fantastic :)

Meghna said...

Hey Scribller,
I would love to join in :) With so much talent in you, I'm sure I could learn a lot :D

Awesome poetry!

Pri said...

am on my way to you with a notepad in hand and millions of thoughts to exchange :D

Pri said...

am on my way to you with notepad in hand and millions of thoughts to exchange :D

keep scribbling!!

Damyanti said...

Lovely lines:) Will think of them everytime it rains here!

Sashu... said...

charlie ya amaze me every single tym ya come up with something!!!!!!!!!!!

wow... loved this!!!!!!!!


d flow was so smooth..just like d flotilla tat was out 2..gud 1 dude!!

Anonymous said...

wow !! i love it more each time i read it !!

Anonymous said...

Yes good old childhood days of rain n down pours.........Marvellous

invisible reflections said...

ohhh couldn't help smiling ... wish it rains right now right here.. have a writing pad ready with me.

Soumya said...

Very emotionally smooth sailing..loved this one to the core..thanks for the journey.