Monday, March 17, 2008

Trying to lie

Don’t tell me to lie
I seriously don’t want to try.
I’ve tried but failed
And my efforts have gone dry.

I won’t lie that you have beautiful eyes,
That speaks to me in volumes.
I see they’re shallow,
And tired of such lies.

I dare not say
You have the most lustrous hair.
I see they’re dull and messy,
Due to the dust and wind.

If I say you have the skin
that’s a blend of dark chocolate and cream.
I know you aren’t so vulnerable
To buy that cheap compliment.

Perhaps, I could say about those lips,
That reminds me of the crimson horizon.
But would you really believe it,
Knowing that they’re parched of regret and thirst.

Well, now I can say I’ve mastered the art.
As you’ve read this scribble all the way so far.
Believe it or not I lied the very first moment I said
I tried lying, but all in vain.


smriti said...

kya kahein...even i cant lie....its sooo lovely dovely...veryy sweettu :):):)

Anonymous said...

Hey Amit!!

You do it yet again.... nice work in here... quite true this one. Loved it!!

Keep Scribbling!!!


P.S : Congrats on being printed!!
and ya, thanks too... :)

vandana said...

:) ... ver different n interesting... novel n engrossing ... enjoyed it a lot..n the ending is masterful n commendable :)

Aman said...

Good one bro. Keeps you involved and confused right till the end.


d SINNER!!! said...

I am speechless...

You givin tough competition to the metaphysical poets...

Anonymous said...

Its sucha beautiful thing to write!

The lass would beaming in the glory of such beautiful lies :)

Usha :) said...

Oh brilliant!

It has your inimitable touch, scribbling all the way to the point where you get us to touch the truth..:)

Loved the irony and contrarily, the innocence, of this beautiful scribble..:)

Amber Light said...

I wont lie that I loved this scribble. ;) The ending evaded me the first time. On third reading it struck me. My fault I guess :)

Indrajit said...

seems fit for a soft rock song.. way to go.:)

Indrajit said...

seems fit for a soft rock song.. way to go.:)

Shal said...

hehehehh i enjoyed this
good one :)

Anonymous said...

very nice !!! worth the read !! rest i will tell ya offline ;)

Sashu... said...

lovely write! :)

Priyanka Khot said...


u break the trust of the reader just when they are convinced...

mission accomplished!


oh man..whr do u get ideas 4 such works like this??..2 gud must admit..:)

Anonymous said...

Beautifully Lied.......
Simple & Awsome peice of work