Monday, March 03, 2008


Pull up a chair, sit down and put everything away.
Imagine I gave you some clay to play.
Would you wet your hands and sit down right away?

What would you do with it?
Mold it, knead it, mix it, squeeze it, stretch it, and press it.
Perhaps, give it a unique form or shape.

Would it be inspired from the past or the present?
Or, will you be a lil clairvoyant with your creation?
And capture something that’s surreal or never before seen.

Take inspiration from real life or sheer fiction;
Maybe, a true reflection of your inner self,
Or something you’ve always dreamed.

Would you brand it effectively?
Breathe life into it and give it an image,
Or just call it by any other name?

Is it going to be one-of-its-kind, a masterpiece?
To show off that you too have the skill.
Or, just another replica of some kind?

Now imagine if you were the clay,
Wouldn’t you want to take a moment?
To thank the Potter who made you in His image.


Anonymous said...

thought provoking !!

Anonymous said...

Whoa Amit...
You surprise me with each of your scribble.
The best characterstic that differentiates you from the rest is that these scribbles(as you may call them)make me relate so much to them. And am sure every person visiting your blog will have the same opinion.

As for this post... its beautifully written and amzingly thought about. This sure makes me feel very happy that I was mould this way by my creator :)

Keep Scribbling!


smriti said...

OMG!!! this is amaziing[:)]...loved d last three lines...besides, it has such a childlike charm 2 it...soo sweet and meaningful[:)]

SCRAWLER said...

Simple & Meaninful...i enjoyed!!

Shal said...


just beings a smile on the face :)

indeed we are all masterpeices in His hands

lovely lovely poem :)

Dolly Singh said...

Good one there!
Ever so thankful to the Creator..we were just clay in His hands after all..

Anonymous said...


This was so unique!

And I was thinking what I would do.. and the answer would be nothing at all.

I would be too confused :)

If I be the clay.. then I would be like to be the present of the potter i guess :) of course I will thank the potter :)

Wonderful post!

vandana said...

:) another unique one :)

your creativity sure is astounding..n nw u r encouraging the readers imagination as well i see... :)i wonder what wud i make if given sum clay... :)

a beautiful piece of writing that carries a strong message.. subtle n arresting .. lovely!!

Ujwal said...

hey thanks for visiting mate.

Ur post is quite unique and creative in terms of thought too!

Keep writing.

Sashu said...

simply awesome! such a fab theme... n even more such a brilliant execution of it! loved it charlie!

though provoking! sheer brilliance!!!!!

Indrajit said...

Maybe, a true reflection of your inner self,
Or something you’ve always dreamed.

awsome lines and th eneding is rocking too...:)

Just try to make it more compact ...

:) :) keep rolllicking :D

Pri said...

one of ur best works so far...
loved it...and said a small lil thanks to HIM the very first time i read it that day :)
hats off to him---no one can mould marvels like HE can...


Anonymous said...

so sweeeet :)

I learned a new word clairvoyant ! :p

hey really good !! :)

I dint stand up to bow though but one of ur best !!

Cinderella. said...

Hell yes, I would...!!

Priya said...

I loved the question it has put thru in the end :)

made me think..

and thank..

Riya said...

This is lovely :)

d SINNER!!! said...

very beautiful!!!!

:) ur thots have a flow, which makes everythin well expressed....

Matangi Mawley said...

simple.. yet has a lots to say! gud 1!

ice said...

very well written and something different. i feel its like something between a poem n a prose. gr8 work. keep it up.

freesherry said...

I came across your blog through that of a friend and just loved the way you write or rather scribble :)
you have been blogrolled

Mez said...

I have read a lot of poetry here n there on blogs but urs comes across as one of the masterpieces.

Clay will make me think now :)

Eli K said...

"Imagine I gave you some clay to play"

Interesting text! Interesting idea!
Maybe our days are like clay - how are you going to work on it?

Nice to read you.
Good winds 4ya!
From one strange brasillian...

Aman said...

“Pull up a chair, sit down and put everything away.”
Very difficult to do this… put everything away.

”Would you wet your hands and sit down right away?”
Loved this line. I’ll be honest enough to say that I wouldn’t be able to do this. Too “self-conscious” to do that.

Lotsa thought provoking questions and stuff,

What would be the implications of our other actions. I’m unable to think of. Enlighten me on them.

payal said...

well....wht 2 say....another beautiful write.Thanks 4 sharing!We are his finest creations....and ofcourse we shud thank him for the same!

shirish said...

man its kooll.....

morinn said...

I love the way the words flow in this, well I'll call it poetry. It actually depicts the movement done when working with clay, I don't know how, but I can perceive that! :D

Meghna said...

This is wonderful and thought provoking. My answer would be yes!

keep scribbling!

Amber Light said...

I always marvel at the way you write. Natural and fluent. Trademark Scribbler this. Beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks be to God........
Wonderful and Blessed