Saturday, March 29, 2008

Blinded by sight

Walking restlessly to and fro,
He looked through those iron bars with a frown.
Captive he was of fate for now,
And the reason for it he never did know.

His friend stood in a distance,
Like a stranger from a land distant.
All set to bid him adieu empty handed,
Though he knew it was a debt that couldn’t be repaid.

When both friends and foe had left him to decay,
This new found friend was his only solace in those murky days.
All those moments they spent together till date,
Seldom could his mind even try to erase.

He was by his side,
In every step and every moment,
Holding onto him was this new stranger and former friend,
As he led him through all the way, till the day’s end.

Amity wasn’t just what his friend had breached,
Gratitude had he none towards this tacit mannered beast.
Today, he didn’t need his guidance or company.
Because there was no more darkness cos he clearly could see.

A selfless life led this faithful confidant.
Now his reward was to stay in a suburb pound far away.
But to the world of fiends returned his selfish friend
Without his four legged vision which he once needed every night and day.

Before he was blinded by darkness
And his canine companion led him everywhere.
But now he was completely blinded by sight
Which showed him the pathway to go astray.


Sarah Rahman said...

Wonderful as always :)

vandana said...

:) i have a pet i love dearly so this was really touching n heart- rending for me...

words very aptly used ... sensitive n true to every word..liked it very much ..blinded by sight indeed !! (sigh)!!


simply marvelous..

Dolly Singh said...

Not only are you a good story teller but you also have a knack of reaching the hearts through ur profound n meaningful writes ..
Write on Charlie! :)

shringi said...

i really liked it!!!!!!!!!!!!

smriti said...

beautifully-penned eddy...loved d usage of words...u knw wht...i was a lil bewildered b4 whn i read d its soo veryy apt...gr88work :)

Anonymous said...

Amit... mind blowing!!!

I never realised you were talking about the canine till i read the last few lines.... Fantastic yaar!!!

"ut now he was completely blinded by sight
Which showed him the pathway to go astray."

Beautiful lines...

Keep Scribbling!!!

Love your stuff to the core :)

Priyanka Khot said...

"But now he was completely blinded by sight
Which showed him the pathway to go astray."

Loved the irony in these two lines; sadly though they are true for most of us. Sight often tends to Blind us.

on that philosophical note... Cinderella signd off :-)

freesherry said...

what can i say.. u r my favourite peot on blogger

Anonymous said...

i want to believe, ur analogy to the 4 legged vision as a dog, the comapnion!

i wish i m right..

Meghna said...

I love your poetry!!! Awesome....I don't know how you can write this stuff and I've been trying for so long but come up with nothing good...I believe the secret is to write it straight from the heart and within!

Amber Light said...

Ungrateful man is. Touched.
And can't stop admiring how you create situations in your 'scribbles' that are far from ordinary and banal. kudos!

Pri said...

wonderful!! :)
loved the way u dealt with it...esp the last few lines...

Nemo said...

Almost made me cry, it did! Wonder what drove you to write it...

Brilliant job, as always..

Shal said...

this one was serious n touchin

neha said...

Excellent poem.
I loved reading it.
Thanks for sharing.

d SINNER!!! said...

Neat and marvelous...

Sashu... said...

wow...what a narration! reeli wonderful charlie :)

Winnie the poohi said...

This was soo nicee!!

Anonymous said...

Though i personally don't have any pets and i admire the people who look after their pets and love them more than humans.......Wish this bond continues and extends towards fellow humans too?

Anonymous said...

One of the most beautiful poems I have read. Bites-your-post-breachy-emotions-and-spits-it-on -your-face poem.:)

Keep scribbling.