Wednesday, March 19, 2008

30 pieces of silver

Running down the dark, cobble stone streets
Beating his chest with clenched fists,
He cursed himself for what he just did.
An irreversible deed and an act of deceit,
He had shattered all trust that was bestowed on his circlet.

Drops of sweat trickled down from his forehead
And followed his tears as he wrathfully wept;
A fear just then crept slowly into his heart,
His lips turned dry and there was a bitter taste on his tongue.
Gasping and panting he ran without looking back.

What would the world say for what he had just done?
Would a curse fall upon him for generations to come?
Perhaps, the skies would open up and a thunderbolt would strike.
Or the earth would widen its jaws and swallow him inside.
These were the questions that
he pondered of in his mind.

Into the wilderness he ran non-stop,
Over rocks, broken branches, twigs, bushes and thorny shrubs,
Just about crossing everything that came in his path;
Slipping, falling, crawling and leaping,
He stopped at a spot where not a single soul was in sight.

Alone he stood in pitch darkness filled with remorse,
Thinking aloud why he committed such a impious thing.
Memories from past rushed into his mind,
When he used to converse 
with his friend for hours,
Whom he had now handed over with a betrayal kiss.

Slowly the night faded giving way to crimson rays;
And he took the final leap to the bottomless depths.Empty handed; Letting go the ransom: 30 pieces of silver.
As it could never match the price, whichfor all humanity, his friend had paid.


Amber Light said...

kiss of betrayal??? Superbly extraordinary - these words and the rest of the scribble. was it intentional that you put in 30 lines here? 1 line for each piece of silver? :)

Anonymous said...

Waow..the remorse.. the pain.. i felt it all!
at least it is better what he decided to do.. better than living this life of remorse and pain.. and ...

d SINNER!!! said...

even i noticed the 30 lines and 30 pieces of emotion, a remorse for every piece...

redemption, and the fadin away..

u write well...

vandana said...

nice :)

the emotions n sentiments have been wonderfully elaborated...the feeling of remorse very intensely portrayed..n the purgation was only inevitable..convincingly concluded.

enjoyed the flow :)..

Dolly Singh said...

excellent narration yet again..

Eli K said...

"What would the world say for what he had just done?"

Your words made me remind something like Jesus in his death moment...

I'm always surprised about your always strong and simple words to describe things that we read and get in as it was our own history.

It's always nice to be here.

Hugs from Brazil


ps.sorry by my poor know...sometimes it's too hard for a brasillian guy had a perfect english...

smriti said...

hmm...nice one scribbiee....liked it :)

n kiss of betrayal...tht reminded me of Judas frm Bible :)

Shal said...

u always excel in narration :)

Sashu... said...

wow... brilliant n elegant! absolutely beautiful!

Indrajit said...

hmm now i find a clear pic...
awsome mate.

Ps said...

Dont know why you call them scribbles--very well written.

Nemo said...

"And followed his tears as he wrathfully wept;"

Even Judas would've been impressed!
Wicked job, Scribbler, keep it up!


Matangi Mawley said...

gr8! tht was beautiful!

Drops of sweat trickled down from his forehead.....

And followed his tears as he wrathfully wept;

His lips turned dry and there was a bitter taste on his tongue...


Nandhini said...

Betrayal is the greatest sin a man can commit!!!!

This is seriously superb stuff
hats off Amit

u r a maestro

Megna.m said...

I say Amen to all the posts above and more to come ;)

Anonymous said...

Flow was mind blowing.... hope this deceit and guilt bring mankind to r==r erase this sense and the urge of betrayal for ever which is not the case otherwise...The guilty mind rules selflessly. Sad that Judas does not exist anymore..

Manu 'Mr.Lonely' Sidhu said...

brilliant narration

awesome setting

falwless story line,

what do need to say ?

Hephzi said...

wow excellent..beautiful potrayal.. Judas captured in every word!