Monday, February 11, 2008

The road never did end

The road never did end
A gentle kiss on his forehead,
And I stepped aside.
Standing by his bed,
I stared at his closed eyes as he slept like a newborn.
Though deep within, he battled for his dear life.

I couldn't believe myself I was here at this time,
Not even in my dreams had I seen this scene.
He once was my friend whom I loved a lot.
Though it wasn't that long ago,
it felt as though we first met the day before.

Every third word in his conversation was speed,
All he knew was to ride the winning streak.
Racing against time, risking every moment of his life,
Zipping over tarmac, breaking the speed of sound,
Skilled in the craft and adroit in every trick he performed.

The college road played the venue for his act,
While every one of us cheered his brave heart.
His bike was his most sought after partner,
It seemed like he and his machine were Siamese twins.
And everything else seemed second to him in life.

It was the night before valentine's when he proposed to me
While he dropped me back home.
I said yes without even thinking twice,
And he told me to be ready the next morn,
And promised to take me on his bike for a long ride.

The night seemed longer than ever,
the sun played the fool around and delayed to rise.
And just one thought pondered in my mind all night long.
Though he had a million to choose from,
I was proud to be the one he wished upon.

That morning did come and the sun shone bright,
I was at my best after messing up my wardrobe.
On his machine the man did arrive,
while I sat looking patiently outside the window.
Though I'd seen him this way before, today he looked special.

With arms around him and tresses flowing in the wind,
We rode into the horizon leaving clouds of smoke and dust behind.
I just hoped the road would never end.
Nor did I want the wheels to halt or even stop for gas.
Every time he accelerated I could feel the adrenaline rush.

Just when I could grab him tight,
He received a call on his mobile.
With the mobile between his shoulder and ears,
He bragged to his friend about our date,
while I admired him looking into the bike's side mirror.

Before we could realize a truck came from the opposite side,
I did notice but I guess he couldn't react on time.
The moment went blank and not a thing can I recall,
I've no clue what happened, perplexed, next to him I stand.
While my body lies lifeless on a bed on the other side.

Scribbled in Public Interest.
Request to readers: Please don't use your mobile while riding or driving.

Keep it rollin;)


Aman said...

Excellent work. It goes on like a movie in the mind. Very descriptive.

Anonymous said...

This has mede me cry today
I have nothing else to say.

Keep Scribbling..!


smriti said...

wah wah!!!

nthin like this one scribbie...nt only ur decsriptive d msg in d end added grace 2 d whole scribble...we'll keep it rollin..dont worry :)

Manisha said...

hey really heart touching ....and sure will keep in mind ur request .

Anonymous said...

this is so fluent and sweet .. i cud imagine the end in the middle of the read but the beauty of ur words made me read it whole !!

Dolly Singh said...

cant get any clearer than this,,and if this fails to make ppl see sense then i guess nothing else will ever..
fantastic job done...

Sarah R. said...

A nice message wrapped in beautiful words, indeed!

As always, a wonderful attempt. Keep it up!

Ivory Maiden said...

The Best way of promoting a sane advice...

Pri said...

a very good approach towards public awareness...

take care

My World said...

what a gruesome end to the beautiful story... but I guess that's the way life is. Great piece of writing... And Mr.Scribbler in first person as a woman? That is new..:)

Chinmaya said...

u'r msg at d end of d 'scribble' say sit all..gud 1 as usual..

Anonymous said...

that was awesome!!!

Sashu said...

beautiful...lived it...n loved it!!!!!

henmen said...

very well apt way to put it indeed

A Poetess said...

thts perfect publish-in-the-newspaper-material..
carries a msg..
n really nicely written.

Anonymous said...

Keep this message rolling as much as you can Bro.....

Dipa Uchil said...

Hopefully the ride wud never end for anyone after readin this peice...
The msg is loud n clear...
All thanx to u dear.. :)