Thursday, February 07, 2008


Holding onto a chocolate bar,
She sat on a stone bench gleefully.
With chocolate smudged all over her lips,
And fingers coated in dark cream.
She was under the spell of sheer indulgence.

Right beneath the great banyan she sat,
The sun frowned as she was out of his sight,
Kids merrily played around,
A few on the swings and some on seesaw,
While the rest queued up to rush down the slide.

But she sat still, completely at peace,
As the dark clouds moved in from a distant corner,
Eclipsed the blazing sun and hovered over.
The sun went into hiding and let them take over,
They brushed each other’s shoulders giving way to thunder.

Sensing some kind of commotion she lifted her gaze skywards,
Took her last bite from the bar of chocolate,
She dusted her hands and stepped out of the shade.
Spreading her arms wide, she mimicked the old banyan,
When a droplet kissed her forehead and slid down her face.

It seemed as though the heavens watched, in awe, without haste,
They waited for the lil damsel to finish her chocolate.
After which they showered, over her, a drizzle light,
And heeded to her wish without thinking twice,
By painting a rainbow on the canvas called sky.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful write.. reading this has brought a huge smile on my face.. partly because the words express the feeling beautifully and partly because I LOVE CHOCOLATE.. :)

Love ya style, Amit.. :)

Keep Scribbling!!!

smriti said...

nice one...really enjoyed readin d first para :)

Aman said...

The peom is very descriptive and the best thing about it is that you can almost see the scenes hasppening and that is no easy job for a poet. Kudos for a great job.

I liked the last one better though. Not to say that this one is not good. No offence.

Dolly Singh said...

A child's fancy captured well and weaved into a write with such finesse. A job done well

blogged in! said...

Lovely! I love chocolate and rain... So... This would be my ideal getaway :)

Pri said...

lovely poem...

keep it rolling! ;)

ohh but i failed to understand the title to this one...why 'iris'???

Scribbler said...

Iris was the goddess of the rainbow in Greek mythology.

Diana said...

mum once said, i had to grow up, i had to out grow bed-time stories...

i guess i never will.. itz either the ur painted canvas or Him..

Nemo said...

"The sun frowned as she was out of his sight,"

"Spreading her arms wide, she mimicked the old banyan,
When a droplet kissed her forehead and slid down her face."

Loved these lines...
The poem is just superbly amazing, scribbler! I can say no more!! :P


My World said...

Mimicking the banyan???!!!
Where in the world did you get that from!!! I loved this one best of all your scribbles. Who doesn't love chocolate and lil girlies and rain... you should see the wide grin on my face :D

Chinmaya said...

apart frm agreeing 2 wat most of them say,wud add 1 thing-really envy d way u get ur descriptions so well ;)...keep it up n may many more come frm ur end..

Priya said...

It is like a serenade!

Anonymous said...

Super Wow..
Bro U rock