Saturday, February 23, 2008


The neon signs flashed brightly through the mist.
It was a commercial street that had
Pubs, restaurants and a variety of stores strewn on either side.
Everyone had called it a day and the shutters were down,
Only the street lights and the neons were fighting it out for glory.

A long shadow accompanied a Priest as he passed by.
Wearing a cassock and a book with golden cross embossed.
He walked down the street with his head slightly bowed.
Returning back home from a sermon at the Church.
This was the usual route and the time was past twelve.

Turning around a corner he entered the dark alley filled with warehouses,
Street lights were dim and huge trash cans were dumped on the sidewalk.
Walking down the lane he saw a car stop in a distant corner,
A dark, lean image stepped out and rolled a garbage bag from its boot space.
He heard the wheels spin as it accelerated and fled out of sight.

Passing by the trash cans he saw something move,
It was the black polythene garbage bag,
And from it came some moans in pain.
Nearing the black bag he squatted and examined,
Untying the rope around its mouth he was taken aback by what he saw.

A brunette with an eyebrow pierced and curled hair.
Duct tape stuck over her mouth with scars on her forehead.
Her eyes were smudged with mascara all over.
Hands were put together with the help of a fuse wire.
And an expression of shock and pain was etched all over her face.

The priest freed her hands and tore the bag open,
Tears welled from her eyes as she lay there perplexed.
Without even wasting a minute she took the tape off her mouth,
Gasped for breath, coughed and sobbed,
But the priest’s face had turned white as though he’d seen a ghost.

He lifted her up and put her on her feet,
They stepped out of the gloomy street,
On the way went to an old cemetery that also had a park.
She cleaned her wounds in the fountain,
Washed her face and quenched her thirst.

She sat down on a stone bench
As she had no strength to walk
The holy man sat beside and offered his hand kerchief.
Not even a single word had the holy man spared,
But the girl cried bitterly and had a story to share.

She confessed to him as they conversed,
That she was a streetwalker,
Who attracts the lustful lot by walking the streets.
Living in an old wrecked wagon few miles away,
That was just a changing room cos she hardly stayed over there.

All she had was her flesh to trade,
For the hungry who had money to spare.
She had a void which men lusted for every night,
But not one knew it wasn’t a physical one,
But it was the hole in her soul that could be filled by no one.

It was two days back and it seemed like any other night,
She stood by the road when she was picked by a maniac.
Seldom had she known what it would lead to,
Until she was tied and tortured in a dark room,
She realized she was now a sadist’s prey.

Deriving pleasure from her screams and wails,
He played with her as though she was a voodoo doll.
For hours together he tormented her till he was tired,
And finally stopped when she could no longer respond.
Poisoned her with a syringe and put her in the garbage bag.

The moment she said that she was poisoned,
A corner of her lip turned red as blood oozed from within.
The priest stood up to get help,
But she held his hand, refused the offer and said it was too late.
Told him to sit down calmly and be there till she slept.

Finally, she told him her last wish,
“Pray for me would you, I’ve been a bad girl all my life,
Never paid heed to what momma said
And played on my own terms, till she left for good.
Now I repent for those broken homes and hearts I’ve left behind”

“Bury me not where others also rest in silence,
For once I want to sleep alone and catch up on all that I lost.”
“Be it so” said the Priest and assured her with a verse
‘He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds’.
“Now rest my child you still have a far off place to reach
cos this isn’t your end but just the beginning ”.
And carried her away as she closed her eyes and fell into eternal sleep.


Pri said...

hmmm the emotional aspect of a dark life well potrayed...
brought a lump to my throat..
the magic of scribbler is backk!! and with a vengeance ;)

vandana said...

I think this is one f your best works till date..
The flow is fabulous..the feelings r intense..meticulous detailing..and as always u made me see what i was reading..extremely engrossing!!All in all a master specimen of your personal style of writing!!



Anonymous said...

This was such a touching story(I am intentionally calling this scribble of your a story).

There are so many girls out there who are involved in this 'heartless' trade of their flesh... After reading this I no longer consider this 'heartless'... The defination of pain is the same for everyone and hats off to you for expressing this beautifully... This post of yours brought me close to tears!

Keep Scribbling... you are just the BEST!!


smriti said...

“Bury me not where others also rest in silence,
For once I want to sleep alone and catch up on all that I lost.”

loved d lines...gud work..n a fresh theme too... :)

Candid Confessions said...

Disturbing piece, wonder what drove you to write it..

d SINNER!!! said...

nicely done...very descriptive...

Anonymous said...

awesome write !! loved it

A Poetess said...

this is so chilling..a very differnt poem from ur genre of works generally. A bit dark and misty with nice work on the atmosphere. And very real too.

A Poetess said...

this ones a little different from your fairytale genre yet not tht different either. Forgive the dichotomy..its very alive in the poem n thts y i say wot i do.
theres this dark n misty atmosphere which is so mystifying..Themes vry real too.

Very nice..Keep the good work going.Cheerios

Dolly Singh said...

It was meant to make an impact and it sure did!!
Cant stop marveling at ur technique.The way ur writes grip the attention of a reader till the last line is something that needs a mention:)

sunita said...

commendable work scribs. only u could have wrote something like this.

the depth of the content is really get ones inner self.

thanx for sharing.

payal said...

neatly penned....I m speechless!

Nemo said...

The subtlety of your words and the uncomplicatedness of your thought makes your work very endearing!
The poem is so complete that it leaves nothing for me to contemplate or judge..

Always keep it up!


Nemo said...

The subtlety of your words and the uncomplicatedness of your thought makes your work very endearing!
The poem is so complete that it leaves nothing for me to contemplate or judge..

Always keep it up!


i'm_alive said...

First of all, Wow!

That's an amazing piece of art. It's more of a story expressed in a poetic form...

Each line "leads" to the other, as in, the flow is really smooth..


Keep writing...correction- scribbling :)

And I'm really glad you visited my blog and commented on it. Thank you :)

Amber Light said...

It really gave me the creeps. I could "see" what ever you describe and...
here I sit feeling sad and insecure and awful about everything...
The last time I felt this way about fiction was while reading "Coup de grace" by Ambrose Bierce when I was around 12...
Well this is very very effective writing, very well written, fluent and realistic... but I am left feeling miserable. that still makes it a great piece of writing I guess.
You have a way with your words... you can make me very happy and also make me feel sick of life!!

nan said...

All she had was her flesh to trade

such penetrating words
kuddos this is truly a masterpiece

henmen said...

an intense read...sure glad I dropped by..looking forward to reading more...keep it up!

Sashu said...

wow..a beauty!!!!

very well detailed!!! xpressionz supreme! very well written! watta flow...n ease too!

loved diz one! one f mah favz frm ya, muz add! :)

Ivory Maiden said...


Thats all left to show,
cos all the words said till now
have been all engraved in praise.

Cinderella. said...

Oh..this was so surreal !
Guess its my turn to say "brava !" ?
Not for a moment did you let the momentum drawl..awesome !!
I'm coming back for more.

Cinderella. said...

Read all your scribbles on this page...
You have a fertile mind that loves weaving words int verses, or so they seem..
Keep them rollin' (like you say!) !!

Mez said...

Hi Scribbler,

I have a Bloggerville Crush Confession post on my blog for which ppl are dedicating mssgs to their crushes.

Cindrella has left a mssg for u which goes like:
About Scribbler...his url is
He's a first timer on my blog with my last post and so am !!!
But, guess poetry is whats common between us.His is amazing !!
U can have a look at it in the comments section of my latest post titled as Bloggerville Crush Confessions. U can reply to her mssg on my post itself.

- Mez (owner of the blog)

Domain to Co-Domain said...

Moving!I was imagining the scenes in my mind. Though I like a happy end.

chimaya said...

beautiful..d suspense element n descriptions as expected has been put very well..

Priyanka Khot said...

I am speechless, yet I know I'll be disturbed for a long time to come if I fail to praise this post. Also, at another level I know that no words I write will be able to do justice in praising the post that surpasses even brilliance.

Anonymous said...

Revolution always need to come in the end after the Genesis.....Words of wisdom are prevalent in ur books. Appreciate it endlessly.

Dipa Uchil said...

Wonderful depiction of smone elses melancholy.I wonder how u manage to express the inner feelings without hvin lived it...gr8 work buddy...
Keep on scribblin...always :)

chytra said...