Friday, January 04, 2008

The Angel and the Dragonfly

Standing over a fallen tree trunk,
She looked around through the dense thick green,
All set to restart an adventure she had abandoned as a kid.
In that silence she remembered her childhood,
Her first visit with her folks to the woods.

The trees stood scattered like giants looking down upon her,
Rolling their shadows down as a carpet for her to walk,
While leaves ruffled and the wind whistled to welcome her,
With a bottle and a net in her hands,
She was on the quest to catch a dragon fly.

Over the lily pond hovered the dragon fly,
Pausing here and there it glided sideways from place to place.
Hovering around jobless yet pretending to be busy.
Skimming the ponds surface and creating ripples,
It was on its routine rounds watching the world through a thousand eyes.

Sitting by the pond she watched it as it sat near her,
Gently perching on a stem it outstretched its net-veined wings.
Her eyes glowed bright and stealthily moved towards it with the net,
Pounced on it from behind,
But the dragon fly was way too fast for her.

Jumped and hopped but she never let it escape her sight,
All armed she moved swiftly wherever the dragonfly flew,
She never gave up neither would the dragon fly.
Over rain water puddles, bushes, creepers and under the tree branches,
Finally, glided over the pond, without looking back, he slipped away.

On the banks she stood with drops of sweat on her forehead,
Her eyes clouded with tears as she was thirsty and breathless.
Dropping the bottle and the net into the pond,
She bent forward with her lil hands on her knees,
But her spirit wasn’t deterred cos she promised that she’ll be back again.

Here she was again, now an all grown dame, to finish what she once began,
As she approached the lily pond she waited with bated breath.
On the other end she could see her opponent arrive.
Clueless and glee he never knew there waited a surprise.
Flying low over the pond’s surface he reached the other side.

Perched on a leaf he rocked as the breeze pushed it aside,
When she swooped behind and captured him from different sides.
Whichever way he moved he just couldn’t escape,
Cos this time she’d caught him for eternity and froze him in time.
Perplexed and still he stay, this time, as she preyed on him without mercy.

After sometime he heard the dry leaves rumple,
And saw someone approaching from behind.
Spreading his wings he took flight and rushed within a second,
But this time she was content as she had captured him yet set him free,
With a smile she walked homewards, sliding the camera into her backpack.


Anonymous said...

Is there anything new that I can put up here... not really.. I know you are tired of this but cant help Amit.. This is sooo good. :)

It reminded of how I used to run behind butterflies... bt never got hold of one as yet.. can u help me with that? ;)

Keep Scribbling.. Love your stuff... :)

Anonymous said...

oh! once again you've surprised me with the ending! it was great story-telling!

Great work ammie :)

chimaya said...

good 1..cud get a actual feel of being on d path 2 catch a dragonfly..:)

Shal said...

loved this one
every details was captured to perfection
and the ending!!!
oh boy was superb!!!

Ivory Maiden said...

A fine example of beautiful story telling and craftsmanship...
Reall Nice..

vandana said...

..lovely end to an engrossing tale... :)...i cud visualise the little lady chasing the dragon fly!! to keep a reader hooked to a write is difficult...n u done that amazingly well...!:)

keep it rollin..;D

kamna said...

m i worth commenting over this one..
ma petty mind jst says...WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL...
loved it...

-Swollen Abyss- said...

Absolutely refreshing!

My World said...

a picture is worth a thousand words? these words created more than some beautiful images in my mind..thank you!!

Pri said...

wonderful piece...just like u capture life into the confines of eternity thru ur camera, u also seem to capture true emotions into the same thru ur scribbles :)

sunita said...

wordsmith par excellence-----
always love ur stuff---
it has a dream like quality.

Anonymous said...

:) that was awesome......thanks for that scribble...keep it rolling (your style) :p but seriously if this is what you cal scribling then i wonder when u actually write u would cross the limits of excellence..lovely write scribbler ..keep writing :) lovely write

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Anonymous said...

Good Show... Round of Applause :)