Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Winter Drift

On my way home from work, this morning,
Through those crooked lanes and winding roads,
Nothing was noticed cos everything seemed pale.
Deprived of sleep and a bed,
The world seemed to be in daze.

Dark clouds hovered over my head,
And waited for the right time to strike.
Reaching home all I could think of was a hot shower,
Followed by some coffee and bread, I broke my fast.
Not a single minute to spare for sleep or the headlines.

With helmet on and ear phones in place,
The RJ played the carol 'joy to the world',
I began the ride on my bike.
Though it was the Christmas season,
The song did set the mood and perfectly fit the situation.

Light drizzles welcomed me back on the trail,
The light drizzle turned heavy,
The cool breeze gave way to the cold winds.
The dark clouds clashed with each other,
And lo there was the icy cold rain.

Rain drops pierced like sharp needles on my skin,
Some blurred my vision but I had no plans to return.
Few drops shined liked pearls and diamonds on the leaves,
Till they fell and disappeared like an early morning dream.
And some bubbles rose and died in a matter of few seconds.

With weather being an excuse the distance disappeared,
Couples walked together hand in hand.
Singles hugged and made love to their warm woolen gear.
Smiles surfaced even on cracked lips,
And in search of shelter some took to their heels.

Reflections on tarmac as the waters lashed the streets,
It looked as though the world was moving on its head.
I was just a few yards away from my workplace,
Just when I wished, what if I drift away?
Get back home and start, once again.


Anonymous said...

beautifully expressed...
i actually was out there in the rain with you.. ;)

Keep scribbling...!!!

Love your scribbles.. :)

My World said...

"Till they fell and disappeared like an early morning dream"
This was my favourite line. And again, something that would sound mundane otherwise sounds alive and paints a picture because of the way you have written it!

★●Shadow Stalker●★ said...

Really enjoyed it.
Have a merry festive season.


smriti said...

hmm...this made me feel even more cold...loved d second last para :)

Nemo said...

romantic, yet astute!

sashu said...

simply beautiful! loved de ease in de narration! de last stanza simply mind blowin!!!! haunting! liked it!!!!!!

Ivory Maiden said...

Time freezes in your writing...and the scenes flash by through your words...
captivating is the word..
Thanks for reading my blog and leaving such beautiful comments...

Shal said...

oh this was lovely to very detail :):)
cud fell all those emotions wid the rains here :)

Deepsikha Mishra said...

1. Thanks for reading my blog and leaving such beautiful comments buddy ;)

2. I have No words exactly to explain how much I liked ur poems! Lovely!! Truely!! BEYOND WORDS!!!

blogged in! said...

Lovely scribble! I loved the 'disappearance of drops in matter of seconds' line!

Candid Confessions said...

It is so lovely and vivid!! Keep it rolling! :)

Matangi Mawley said...

absolutely fab!

chimaya said...

d master of descriptions..tats wat u r..amazing is all wat i can say dude :)

Dolly Singh said...

Very refreshing! Loved the write for its simplicity:)

Amrita said...

With weather being an excuse the distance disappeared
This was my fav...
Lovely poems..!
u write eh scribble very well!

rachana said...

a beautiful nd colourful write

rukhiya said...

First-reminded me of Bangalore :(
Second-love riding in the rain
Beautifully captured and an effortless write :)