Friday, December 14, 2007

Hope Never Disappoints

She sat on a stairway that spiraled up to the terrace,
At a time when the mist hadn't yet settled itself on the lawn.
In the wee hours of dawn, she sat there still, without sparing a yawn.
Her eyes had turned weary and dry by this time,
After spending the entire sleepless night in tears.

Her moments with him flashed before her eyes,
Every second seemed fresh as though it was just yesterday.
When peers told her about their heart break,
All she could do was only spare a few words to console.
Today, she knew what it meant as she sank deep into their shoes.

Something shined through the darkness and pierced her eye,
It was her pristine diamond studded ring,
Which she got from her fiance that morning.
Everything went well as her folks had planned without a single flaw,
But nothing was according to her plan or what she had wished for.

The dawn began to creep across the skies.
Birds began to chirp and fly over her head.
It was the beginning of a brand new day,
And the bright sun was just about to spread his rays of light,
Not just for this world but also for her life.

She remembered the time when they last met,
With heavy hearts they parted making up their mind,
Hope is something they'd never lose cos destiny had something else in store.
Now yesterdays will remain as sweet memories to cherish,
And tomorrow will be filled with the hope of a new beginning.


Robin said...

I never knew a more understanding guy...who could see a gal's perspective so clearly...Gifted...I must say.

Rajvi said...

gosh its really guood... It keeps on getting better and better...

Keep updating abt the new posts.. cant afford to miss ne of ur post..

sashu said...

beautiful!!! memories of y'dayz to cherish, n tomorrowz to hope for! loved it! :)

Pri said...

amazing clarity of thoughts...and im really impressed by ur strong belief...:)
not all people are blessed to have the faith...

loved the scribble...:)

My World said...

hope never disappoints!! neither does the Scribbler!!! :) lovely lines.

chimaya said...

simply amazing..d last paragraph is just too good man..gr8 work scribbler..:)

Hari said...

too good my friend.

smriti said...


rachana said...

lovely...gr8 to knw that u understand a woman's feelings this well...kudos!!

Anonymous said...

pretty nice !!

Anonymous said...

hey..u are really very good writer...and very very sensitive person

Dipa Uchil said...

Hopefloatz :)

sunita said...

u r right scribbler......hope moves the human race....and thank u for sharing this one.....left me thinking....the write is written with such sensitivity.....that one is justleft absorbed in its fold....