Wednesday, December 05, 2007

8 pm

The phone rang thrice
by the time she could find it in her bag.
A name very dear to her,
Flashed on the screen.
This sparked a smile, which followed a 'Hello'.

Closing her eyes she laid back on her chair,
listening to his voice she stroked her hair.
And as thou she was under a spell,
she just nodded without saying a word.
Finally, she said ' Ok 8 O’clock' and cut the call.

She blushed like never before and rushed out of work.
Drove straight to home without even a minute to spare,
Stood in front of the mirror and tried everything in her wardrobe.
Some made her look plump while some gave her the lean look.
In few she looked too old and few made her look juvenile.

At last, of all her clothes her eyes stopped at the black evening gown,
Which he gifted on her birthday last.
If not for anything else, this for sure looked perfect tonight.
It flowed down like a stream and swept the floor.
As she walked forth it followed her footsteps.

With a diamond studded silver chain and pair of ear drops,
She wore a platinum ring to complement her attire.
Standing on the balcony she emanated like a divine being,
when the moon got a chance to start up a fire,
with the glittering stones she wore.

The night was special and the mood was right,
she knew this was the moment she had waited all her life.
Would he pop the question or would he be quite?
Will he go down on his knees or surprise me by closing my eyes?
All these questions and a thousand more rushed across her mind.

Suddenly, the moment was interrupted with the ringing of the doorbell,
She rushed down the stairs and stopped near the dressing table,
Glanced at herself from head to toe and ran towards the door.
Stopped at the doorstep to catch a breath,
Holding the knob she opened it with a greeting smile.

A big bunch of gerberas wished in exchange with blooming faces,
But she returned a frown as it was a delivery boy from some flower shop.
She received it in silence and walked back closing the door behind.
The phone rang again and his voice sounded in a regretful tone.
And she just nodded again as she said ' It's ok. Maybe, some other time'


smriti said...

nice one eddy...enjoyed readin it...i guess u were a girl in your previous birth..lolzz :P

hmm..never mind...hahah :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful expression of feelings... :)

I wonder hw u r soooo good at it..!!!!
As always.. just loved ur work.. :)

Keep Scribbling!!!

Pri said...

nice one...
u have successfully managed to pull all the emotions as the verse sweeps by...
elation on receiving the call...
patience and anxiety during the wait...
dissapointment on seein the gerberas instead of the smiling face she'd expected...
and yet hope, that there will be a next time...:)

keep scribbling!

My World said...

the first time I read this I was surprised because I dint see the end coming. the second time i read it i was thinking "here is Mr. Scribbler.. writing about nothing at all"...the third time I read it" and yet he says so much..."
Superb piece of writing. btw I read it a total of 4 times :)

Anonymous said...

it was too good ..a sad ending but thats how life is !!

Robin said...

Buddy..ur superb. It feels strange how you can capture a broad band of emotions in their entire depth in few words..Keep' em coming.

Robin said...

Hey buddy..this is superb...You have managed to catch the entire width of emotions in their depth in just a few lines :)

Keep em' coming...

Shal said...

the description was tooooooooooo gud :):)

Candid Confessions said...

Guys! Sigh!

sashu said...

absolutely refreshin..n very different charlie! it feels incomplete, n i knw it must be purposeful, comin frm ya! nywz loved it!!!!!!

rachana said...

ah d climax was so unexpected!!gud one

megs said...

Great story telling! Every moment was very detailed and led to an unexpected yet heart warming (even if it wasn't what was anticipated) ending.

Rajvi said...

ouch... even my heart broke with that female... really impressive description.. simply wow

Debadyuti ~A POETESS said...

nice 1..i think there will be other evenings for the least i hope so..:p
some typos here and there nonetheless a nice piece after a long of ur then its all relative :D

vandana said...

:)...lovely storytelling thru poetry..:)kept me glued till the end..loved this one!!n the detailing is awesum..:)

Amrita said...

Hey very nice poetry!!
was impressed and captivated

Anonymous said...

verr nice indeed...

Impressive :)

I actually felt her disappointment :(

Dipa Uchil said...

First time wen the phone rings...its always amazin...never pick up wen it rings again ;)

Kee scribblin :)