Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Winter Drift

On my way home from work, this morning,
Through those crooked lanes and winding roads,
Nothing was noticed cos everything seemed pale.
Deprived of sleep and a bed,
The world seemed to be in daze.

Dark clouds hovered over my head,
And waited for the right time to strike.
Reaching home all I could think of was a hot shower,
Followed by some coffee and bread, I broke my fast.
Not a single minute to spare for sleep or the headlines.

With helmet on and ear phones in place,
The RJ played the carol 'joy to the world',
I began the ride on my bike.
Though it was the Christmas season,
The song did set the mood and perfectly fit the situation.

Light drizzles welcomed me back on the trail,
The light drizzle turned heavy,
The cool breeze gave way to the cold winds.
The dark clouds clashed with each other,
And lo there was the icy cold rain.

Rain drops pierced like sharp needles on my skin,
Some blurred my vision but I had no plans to return.
Few drops shined liked pearls and diamonds on the leaves,
Till they fell and disappeared like an early morning dream.
And some bubbles rose and died in a matter of few seconds.

With weather being an excuse the distance disappeared,
Couples walked together hand in hand.
Singles hugged and made love to their warm woolen gear.
Smiles surfaced even on cracked lips,
And in search of shelter some took to their heels.

Reflections on tarmac as the waters lashed the streets,
It looked as though the world was moving on its head.
I was just a few yards away from my workplace,
Just when I wished, what if I drift away?
Get back home and start, once again.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Hope Never Disappoints

She sat on a stairway that spiraled up to the terrace,
At a time when the mist hadn't yet settled itself on the lawn.
In the wee hours of dawn, she sat there still, without sparing a yawn.
Her eyes had turned weary and dry by this time,
After spending the entire sleepless night in tears.

Her moments with him flashed before her eyes,
Every second seemed fresh as though it was just yesterday.
When peers told her about their heart break,
All she could do was only spare a few words to console.
Today, she knew what it meant as she sank deep into their shoes.

Something shined through the darkness and pierced her eye,
It was her pristine diamond studded ring,
Which she got from her fiance that morning.
Everything went well as her folks had planned without a single flaw,
But nothing was according to her plan or what she had wished for.

The dawn began to creep across the skies.
Birds began to chirp and fly over her head.
It was the beginning of a brand new day,
And the bright sun was just about to spread his rays of light,
Not just for this world but also for her life.

She remembered the time when they last met,
With heavy hearts they parted making up their mind,
Hope is something they'd never lose cos destiny had something else in store.
Now yesterdays will remain as sweet memories to cherish,
And tomorrow will be filled with the hope of a new beginning.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

8 pm

The phone rang thrice
by the time she could find it in her bag.
A name very dear to her,
Flashed on the screen.
This sparked a smile, which followed a 'Hello'.

Closing her eyes she laid back on her chair,
listening to his voice she stroked her hair.
And as thou she was under a spell,
she just nodded without saying a word.
Finally, she said ' Ok 8 O’clock' and cut the call.

She blushed like never before and rushed out of work.
Drove straight to home without even a minute to spare,
Stood in front of the mirror and tried everything in her wardrobe.
Some made her look plump while some gave her the lean look.
In few she looked too old and few made her look juvenile.

At last, of all her clothes her eyes stopped at the black evening gown,
Which he gifted on her birthday last.
If not for anything else, this for sure looked perfect tonight.
It flowed down like a stream and swept the floor.
As she walked forth it followed her footsteps.

With a diamond studded silver chain and pair of ear drops,
She wore a platinum ring to complement her attire.
Standing on the balcony she emanated like a divine being,
when the moon got a chance to start up a fire,
with the glittering stones she wore.

The night was special and the mood was right,
she knew this was the moment she had waited all her life.
Would he pop the question or would he be quite?
Will he go down on his knees or surprise me by closing my eyes?
All these questions and a thousand more rushed across her mind.

Suddenly, the moment was interrupted with the ringing of the doorbell,
She rushed down the stairs and stopped near the dressing table,
Glanced at herself from head to toe and ran towards the door.
Stopped at the doorstep to catch a breath,
Holding the knob she opened it with a greeting smile.

A big bunch of gerberas wished in exchange with blooming faces,
But she returned a frown as it was a delivery boy from some flower shop.
She received it in silence and walked back closing the door behind.
The phone rang again and his voice sounded in a regretful tone.
And she just nodded again as she said ' It's ok. Maybe, some other time'