Thursday, November 22, 2007

Every thing's for the best

There are times when you slip,
At your very first step,
That's just the beginning
Of a great endeavour for your destiny awaits.
What if the fall was really hard?
The bounce would certainly take you higher.

There are times when you think again,
Wondering if it was the right move you made.
Just don't turn around but look ahead.
Don't you even dare to regret,
Cos it's His plan and it will never fail,
For He works in mysterious ways.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

May I?

May I sing to you tonight?
So that I may put you to sleep for a while.
I might go off tune or even skip a beat,
So just pretend as though you're listening,
And rest with those eyes closed real tight.

May I tell you a story tonight?
Of things that might just cross our minds.
Not from any fable or any old fairy tale.
But of a brand new world only we'd get to see.
The stories of future where we play the lead.

May I see your pristine smile?
I know it's hard yet you can try.
Forget the pain and grief that's tormenting you tonight.
Cos it'll only spark a flame
That'll spread like a forest fire.

May I just go down on my knees to express?
To say how much I love my princess.
Cos I just don't want, this moment, to let go,
As it might make you feel a lot better than before.
For I'm here to offer all that tender loving care,
You've always been yearning for.

Friday, November 02, 2007


How does it feel like when someone sees through you?
Even though you're right in front of their eyes.
You're just Mr. Nobody who's trying hard to make an identity.
At times, you feel like you're being looked down upon.
As though you're nothing but a vermin,
To a world of the so called supreme beings.

Just when you're trying hard to survive,
Not even a single soul knows you're alive.
Feeling low and cornering yourself,
You seek sympathy yet there's no one to console.
Shedding tears in vain, you drown in despair.
Finding comfort and solace in your own misfortune.

You fail to look up at the ray of light,
That's on the other end of the passage.
Rise and step out of the gloom,
Leave the darkness behind,
Bask in the glory of fame,
It's very much for you to claim.