Thursday, October 11, 2007

Who am I?

I smile more often just to look impressive,
Even though I don't really mean to,
Not everything I say every time,
Might be what I feel deep inside.
Sometimes I freeze in awe just to show that I'm surprised.

There are so many words that I wish I'd never said.
And many moments where I've indulged faking every second,
Tears held back and bitterness disguised,
Putting up an act like I'm not emotional at all.
Happiness camouflaged with a poker face.

Sensitive I am but according to the world I'm not,
A mannequin of wax who's a stranger to sensuality.
At times, there's a complete change of scene,
Depending on the people and ambiance you see me in.
With an ear to ear, sugar coated smile.

Friends or foes I tend to smudge the thin line,
Until I've gulped a whole glass of wine.
Few jokes and some one-liners to make the mood a lil light.
That's all I need to steal my share of limelight.
And make my presence felt on such hazy, smoked-up nights.

Songs I sing aren't necessarily out of tune,
Though I karaoke sometimes,
I don't always mean every word.
Perhaps, I won't mix up the chords,
Yet I'm sure to stir your mood.

Conversing with great intensity and panache,
I can soar heights on a verbal flight.
But I'm shallow and dumb within.
Despite I sound like I'm really profound,
Only I know how stupid I am.

Sheer arrogance is what I'm related to,
And know-it-all is what the world knows me as.
But ignorance is what I use,
To simply dust it off my shoe.
I am the great pretender who lives in every one of you.


Anonymous said...

Amazing use of words.. just loved the way you always make me relate to ur scribbles... this makes me realise how pretentious i am..

Chinmaya said...

An introspection tat leaves shivers down d spine..Wonderfully conceived n expressed..As usual,u rock scribbler :)..

A Poetess said...

hmm..too many poems which end with you including the reader into the story where he/she was not seemingly in the picture..I kind of think u are changing your mind at the last moment to toss the ball into the readers' court but the experiences are either subjected to you or someone who you have taken the time to closely observe..i prefer the former ;)

Pri said...

wonderfully written!!
im still speechless...:)

p.s: every one of us go through this "identity crisis" phase in life...and its sad but equally true tht somewhere within we are all "pretenders"...

keep writing!

Eli K said...

"Sensitive I am but according to the world I'm not"
here I am again...

I like this blog
Simple words 2 describe true and deep fellings!
It's hard sometimes to know who we really are, who we really looks like...

Good winds 2 ya

shreya said...

hey that was amzing
very true..
each n every word is just rite..depicting a guy so nicely

megna said...

You never fail to surprise, and that's what makes your scribbles such a joy to read, not knowing what the twist at the end may be....great scribble!

neelima said...

nice write nd tune wth your way of twist at the end...but couldnt agree with your ending....the poem was more like personal reflection thn a description of a 'pretender tht lives inside all'..

Anonymous said...

great..... good going...

utopia said...

i liked it :)

Matangi Mawley said...

beautifully expressed! gr8 poetry!

Anonymous said...

simple & sensitive with a beautiful twist of turning the scores @ the end.. Keep it up.. kudos

rachana said...

I am the great pretender who lives in every one of you.!!

rachana said...

I am the great pretender who lives in every one of!!!

Shal said...

ur so gifted with the flow of words
loved it

Anonymous said...

i always enjoy your scribbles and can totally relate to them, i try to dabble into poetry but sometimes the words don't come out the way that i would like

smriti said... relate to almost every word..whn i was readin it...i was both surprised by ur observation, d way u hv expressed it so beautifully n also delighted to read such a superb piece of work :)

Rajvi said...

gosh... its awesome.. read all ur posts and m seriosuly at loss of words... one of the blog i will bookmark...

Really sir.. awesome is also a small word..

tehreem said...

Hay there ! i'm flabberghasted by your work . you certainly are a talented being and i hope you'll keep penning such wonderful pieces & keep sharing them with us .. cheers

sunita said...

an introspection......which lives a hole in one's countenance.....when we judge ourself in the same yardstick......:)

payal said...

Its really nice..Its very difficult to find an answer to this question Who Am I when at times people forget who they really are behind the mask..:)

payal said...

Its really nice!serious introspection..The answer to the question who am I is really difficult..It becomes more difficult when ppl forget who you really are behind the mask..