Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Kneel down right now and put your hands together,
Close your eyes real tight and begin your last prayer,
The flame of hope flickers so plead for mercy.
The days of grace are almost over,
And you've lost your freedom forever.
Run whichever way you want to,
But you'll find no piece of land for you to stand.
You'll only go around in circles and end up nowhere.
Even if you were to race the speed of light
the shackles of time will drag you behind.
Grounded you are and so will you remain,
From this day until you see the dawn of darkness,
Cos this is just the beginning of the least awaited end.
The glaciers melt like candy on a mid-summer's noon.
Water, water and more water is all you see around.
Cry if you can but dare not ever shed your tears.
For you'll only drown way before you've seen your fate.
For once, you'll thirst for drought,
Or, be patient for a few days more,
And you'll burn with pain and cry out.
Into ash you'll burn and disappear in thin air.
As there is a hole in the ozone's soul,
And the rains don't anymore care.
Nor is there enough green for you to take shade.
All those cautions and warnings,
only now, you’ll recall but it's too late.
Regrets and remorse will torture you throughout,
and your suicidal instincts will surface.
If only you'd seen those early signs that cried out loud,
And showed some concern for your mother,
She'd have rocked your cradle till you rested in her soil,
Who showered upon you her tender, loving care,
During all seasons four.
The same bosom that welcomed you into the light of day
will now usher you into darkness deep.
For you deserve nothing less than an exile of no return,
To the valley of shadows that lies far away.


Anonymous said...

Quite thought provoking.. i have to admit.. beautifully expressed..

Keep scribbling.. thats all i'll say.. :)

Pri said...

uve beautifully put across the hazardous effects of "ozone depletion" wch makes us aware on how we take things for granted whn they are around and continue wasting our resources...
heyy is this written in honour of "blog action" day by any chance??? :)
its wonderful and u should submit it...

Chinmaya said...

scribbler at his creepiest ;)..thrilling 2d core..amazingly put acros as usual..

Shal said...

This was mind blowing :)

Eli K said...

"Cry if you can but dare not ever shed your tears"

Another intriguing words.
It's perfect to travel (as we are in a dream) in all this world.

Nice to read you


Shimmer said...

lol.... loved it... like i said, it feels like sumthin i wud have written... waitin for more

- shimmer

Megna.m said...

"The same bosom that welcomed you into the light of day
will now usher you into darkness deep."

Quite frightening to think that day is not very far off. Nicely expressed :)


★●Shadow Stalker●★ said...

Reminds me of a poem I wrote "Modern Life". Yeah, true this is quite provoking, I like your style.
You should post your poems in www.poemhunter.com, they'll be more appreciated.