Wednesday, October 03, 2007


The moon has stolen the show tonight,
He's playing the lead on a starless sky,
None to question even if he plays the fool,
Only clouds that caress him as they waddle.
He casts his spell across the night,
Dominating darkness by spreading his light.
Fearlessly he roams all over the skies,
Until it's dawn when his opponent arrives,
On chariots of fire all armed to strike.
Whoever wins the battle never stops,
Everyday this goes on from dusk to dawn.


Anonymous said...

that painted the picture of the Mahabaratha epic where the Gods are going into battle with their fire head arrows and sure know how to paint a canvas :)

great stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful........ war raged with compassion filled with fire


Di said...

well well... have said this abt another work of yours, shall say it again- quality work! keep penning here and on the community.



sashu said...

beautiful as ever charlie..u hv a gift divine :)

thnx for de sharing!

akanksha said...

Loved it:-)

Pri said...

wonderful! yet again...

keep up the good writing! :)

Eli K said...

"Until it's dawn when his opponent arrives,
On chariots of fire all armed to strike."

Hi there, I'm from Brazil and saw your blog-address at Divya's blog!
I confess that I like to write this kind of texts too, but I use to do it only for me!

Perfect climate and night elements!

Archana said...

This is absolute beauty....Amit,another good write.


akanksha said...

Beauitful as that night would have been.Very well written dear...just loved the last line:-)

Shal said...

lovely :)

smriti said...

loved d way u hv expressed d transformation frm dusk to dawn...d words were as beautiful as d transformation in reality :)