Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Kneel down right now and put your hands together,
Close your eyes real tight and begin your last prayer,
The flame of hope flickers so plead for mercy.
The days of grace are almost over,
And you've lost your freedom forever.
Run whichever way you want to,
But you'll find no piece of land for you to stand.
You'll only go around in circles and end up nowhere.
Even if you were to race the speed of light
the shackles of time will drag you behind.
Grounded you are and so will you remain,
From this day until you see the dawn of darkness,
Cos this is just the beginning of the least awaited end.
The glaciers melt like candy on a mid-summer's noon.
Water, water and more water is all you see around.
Cry if you can but dare not ever shed your tears.
For you'll only drown way before you've seen your fate.
For once, you'll thirst for drought,
Or, be patient for a few days more,
And you'll burn with pain and cry out.
Into ash you'll burn and disappear in thin air.
As there is a hole in the ozone's soul,
And the rains don't anymore care.
Nor is there enough green for you to take shade.
All those cautions and warnings,
only now, you’ll recall but it's too late.
Regrets and remorse will torture you throughout,
and your suicidal instincts will surface.
If only you'd seen those early signs that cried out loud,
And showed some concern for your mother,
She'd have rocked your cradle till you rested in her soil,
Who showered upon you her tender, loving care,
During all seasons four.
The same bosom that welcomed you into the light of day
will now usher you into darkness deep.
For you deserve nothing less than an exile of no return,
To the valley of shadows that lies far away.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Who am I?

I smile more often just to look impressive,
Even though I don't really mean to,
Not everything I say every time,
Might be what I feel deep inside.
Sometimes I freeze in awe just to show that I'm surprised.

There are so many words that I wish I'd never said.
And many moments where I've indulged faking every second,
Tears held back and bitterness disguised,
Putting up an act like I'm not emotional at all.
Happiness camouflaged with a poker face.

Sensitive I am but according to the world I'm not,
A mannequin of wax who's a stranger to sensuality.
At times, there's a complete change of scene,
Depending on the people and ambiance you see me in.
With an ear to ear, sugar coated smile.

Friends or foes I tend to smudge the thin line,
Until I've gulped a whole glass of wine.
Few jokes and some one-liners to make the mood a lil light.
That's all I need to steal my share of limelight.
And make my presence felt on such hazy, smoked-up nights.

Songs I sing aren't necessarily out of tune,
Though I karaoke sometimes,
I don't always mean every word.
Perhaps, I won't mix up the chords,
Yet I'm sure to stir your mood.

Conversing with great intensity and panache,
I can soar heights on a verbal flight.
But I'm shallow and dumb within.
Despite I sound like I'm really profound,
Only I know how stupid I am.

Sheer arrogance is what I'm related to,
And know-it-all is what the world knows me as.
But ignorance is what I use,
To simply dust it off my shoe.
I am the great pretender who lives in every one of you.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


The moon has stolen the show tonight,
He's playing the lead on a starless sky,
None to question even if he plays the fool,
Only clouds that caress him as they waddle.
He casts his spell across the night,
Dominating darkness by spreading his light.
Fearlessly he roams all over the skies,
Until it's dawn when his opponent arrives,
On chariots of fire all armed to strike.
Whoever wins the battle never stops,
Everyday this goes on from dusk to dawn.