Saturday, September 01, 2007

Your face in my mind frame

Looking at those tresses flowing down your shoulders,
It reminds me of those brooks flowing from the hills,
Rushing all the way through the green pastures.
As you gaze through those deep, dark, weary eyes
I see phrases, which speak about the day you left behind.
The smile you just sparked up even when you were tired
Shows how you're concerned to spread it like a forest fire.
Be it a gloomy day where the sun has forgotten its path.
I'm sure you'll be there just to watch the sun go green in envy.
Now as I keep gazing at your picture I can just go on and on.
Cos words aren't something I would google for anytime.
It's my sincere concern not to leave you sleepless anymore.


pooja said...

wow amazing. thank u so much for introducing me to ur blog..its worththy of spending time on.but i went thru d 1st 3 alone as of now n i ve loved it.i m sure d rest r goin to b master pieces too.i m saving them to read wen i ve liesure n wen bored.

Matangi Mawley said...

good post!

Aayaam said...

The poetic essence is superbly cool!
Although u could work on the title a litle more,......
but that use of google imbibes a beautifying sense of modernity to the verse ...not at all failing to leave its classical impression!!

Anonymous said...

very classic and lovely...
this is good work.

akanksha said...

beautiful indeed!!!! just too good for words...i loved each n every line u wrote.

My World said...

As the verse washes over me, so divine
I wish these words had been mine
So I could tell the world proudly
Ha! In this you could never beat me
But what is the point of this discourse
The verse is wholly, entirely yours
So I simply say
Gosh its great

Bah! What a horrendous, miserable attempt. But you do get the message dont you!! :D

INDR's Angels said...

good one again..

Madhavi said...

Hey scribbler relly a nice post liked way u used the words n feelngs keep up the gud wrk..Dilse :D btw am blogrollin u :)do u mind :P