Saturday, August 11, 2007

Introvert Homicide

Sweat trickled down her forehead,
As she stepped into her room.
Walking towards the fridge she paused and turned,
Glanced at the mirror on her right,
And pushed her hair behind,
Which rested on her forehead.
This was a routine practice of hers,
After retuning from her daily jog.

Sipping on some cold coffee,
She sat before her laptop,
Going through her mails.
Her eyes were fixed on the screen,
Deleting spam and replying to messages.
She spoke through virtual windows through words,
Some were strangers and some were friends,
Whereas, some were friends who'd turned strangers,
Over the course of time.

At times, she spent hours together,
Gazing at those virtual windows and exchanging words.
Judging people on the conversations they made.
She gave a face to those words that came.
Speaking to people from every corner of the world,
Like she had never spoken before.
She had peeled off all her inhibitions
And killed the introvert who had resided in her.


INDR's Angels said...

hey mate ,
this was disappointing.
You could have done much better.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant writing

Can you please explain something .
Is this usage right ?
" This is a friend of Amit's "
For you had used a similar verse "
" Practice of hers " without an Apostrophe .

And I dont know if this statement is grammatically right either
" Amit is a friend of his "

without an extra 's'

Anonymous said...

Hey you realy know how to use the words of wisdom..
Must say your observations are fantastic...

Scribbler said...

For Grammatic clarifications kindly contact directly. No crash course classes will be entertained on the blog:P
He he he.. Jus kiddin...
Well, I'll explain that one-to-one.
Mail me;)

koni said...

i liked it.

Jui Chitre said...

nice one..i liked the way it sounded so simple yet spoke a lot ..

dolly said...

I like the descriptive style of this write.Simple visualisation...
Good one!

dolly said...

nice one...liked the descriptive style... simple visualisation..