Friday, August 17, 2007


Silence fell between them,
As they sat with locked gazes under the moonlight.
A flame flickered in the wind,
Which played the host between their eyes.
The wind slowly whispered,
But they just never paid heed.

The table that divided them apart,
Wanted to crumble into fine dust.
Just to watch them surrender helplessly,
And drown in each other's arms,
By forgetting the world around,
And unite in spirit and thoughts

The roses lay silent with their heads dropped low,
Waiting for the mist to wake them up with a kiss.
The wine he poured stood still at the brim.
No lips had even immersed itself in it.
Their thirst they quenched,
By drinking from the chalice of each other's eyes.


akanksha said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!!!
Nice poetry...its more than just scribbling!!!!

Blogrolled u!

sridari said...

Oh man!! this is simply beautiful!!!
Its so senti senti.. i read it with wet eyes.. i swear!!

INDR's Angels said...

hmm, a good write.
u rock mate.

littleWriter said...

Hahaa this seems to be carefully careless penning :) Nice descrption with a sound rhyming...

Anonymous said...

WOW oooommmph Impeccable


me likeYY aLoTT!!!
u're skilld scribbler bdw.

Anonymous said...

just tuk me to anothr wrld... tooo good :)