Saturday, August 25, 2007


Across mountains, hills, moors and slopes.

Many pause to see the river flow.

But when my Angel strolls by the banks.

The river pauses to catch her glimpse.


As you stroll down the memory lane,
You visit your past that remains unchanged.
Many things have passed and gone,
But none should shake your faith apart.
Believe in yourself for the destiny awaits
Because tomorrow is for you to change.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Silence fell between them,
As they sat with locked gazes under the moonlight.
A flame flickered in the wind,
Which played the host between their eyes.
The wind slowly whispered,
But they just never paid heed.

The table that divided them apart,
Wanted to crumble into fine dust.
Just to watch them surrender helplessly,
And drown in each other's arms,
By forgetting the world around,
And unite in spirit and thoughts

The roses lay silent with their heads dropped low,
Waiting for the mist to wake them up with a kiss.
The wine he poured stood still at the brim.
No lips had even immersed itself in it.
Their thirst they quenched,
By drinking from the chalice of each other's eyes.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Introvert Homicide

Sweat trickled down her forehead,
As she stepped into her room.
Walking towards the fridge she paused and turned,
Glanced at the mirror on her right,
And pushed her hair behind,
Which rested on her forehead.
This was a routine practice of hers,
After retuning from her daily jog.

Sipping on some cold coffee,
She sat before her laptop,
Going through her mails.
Her eyes were fixed on the screen,
Deleting spam and replying to messages.
She spoke through virtual windows through words,
Some were strangers and some were friends,
Whereas, some were friends who'd turned strangers,
Over the course of time.

At times, she spent hours together,
Gazing at those virtual windows and exchanging words.
Judging people on the conversations they made.
She gave a face to those words that came.
Speaking to people from every corner of the world,
Like she had never spoken before.
She had peeled off all her inhibitions
And killed the introvert who had resided in her.

Monday, August 06, 2007


Flipping pages one by one,
She sat beside the window looking outside,
As the rain poured incessantly.
Droplets few kissed her lips,
And she closed her eyes to acknowledge it.

The wind rushed in and caressed her hair,
She gently went back as she felt the touch.
The rain started to roar and echo with thunder,
And lightning flashed its flash bulbs and captured her image.
She put the book aside and ran into the rain.

Dancing like a lil lass who'd just stepped out to play.
She jumped into a puddle and splashed the water over her head.
Looking towards the sky above
She closed her eyes and greeted it with a smile.
While the heavy drizzle washed her completely from head to toe.

All that lip gloss, mascara and cream,
gave way to her true self that lay beneath.
Buried behind a fake identity,
Which she was forced to wear,
To make the world cheer in glee.

Suddenly, a voice pierced in the rain,
Like that of god in a loud thunderous way.
That very moment the rain vanished without a trace.
And she walked towards a near by chair.
It was the movie's director who shouted Cut! Shot OK!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

let's rewind

It's been sometime since we shared a moment together.
And it's been a while since we spoke to each other.
Our parallel lives have torn us apart,
Yet we're one in our thoughts.
Those were the days when we ruthlessly killed time,
While we spoke about everything under the wide open sky,
Learning about each other inside out;
Knowing on which day our next birthday would fall,
Planning surprises by wrapping gifts and writing cards.
And sometimes spending hours in arguments and fights,
That made us look stupid in each other's eyes.
We crawled into the depth of the night conversing in words.
Until the dawn seeped in to remind us,
We still have another day in our lives.
Let's get back to where we began.
When we never had to stare at our dials.
While making conversations or replying to messages.
Those days that had no deadlines to interfere.
Or, the worry about the next assignment
That needs to be completed.
Let's wile away time catching the dry leaves,
Which fall from tall tree tops.
Run along the brook side,
Chasing paper boats before they wreck down.
Tasting those refreshing drops of summer rain
With our tongues pointed out in the thin air.
Drawing faces on fogged window panes,
Erasing them with our sleeves and trying all over again.
If only we were to have the remote control,
We would live life like it were in the movies,
Pause time whenever we want,
And switch onto the rewind mode.