Saturday, July 21, 2007

au revoir

You're off to a place across the blue waters.
Far from a world that's insane in every way.
You're all set to head south to the land that yearns for peace.
In search of your friend in a war torn land.
You've packed your bags and all set to leave.
Just let go the earth beneath your feet;
Fly away into serenity
And carry along the message of peace.

It's a deceptively beautiful world out there damsel.
For what you see is isn't what what it really is.
Where even grass on the other side doesn't seem green.
And where shells bloom more than blossoms in streets.
So watch carefully every step you take.
Remember whenever you want to turn around
And return to where you began.
There's a soul waiting for his angel with wide open arms.
Be it during scorching heat or pouring rain.


Megna.m said...

the bringer of hope and peace....the stranger wonders if there is any left ....beautiful

INDR's Angels said...

Awesome, though I fear you are beginning to sound repetative.
However, It's likeable anyways.

mearc. said...

shells bloom more than blossoms in!tat was a wonderful line!cheers!do continue your gud work!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Endless Wait...Does this ever happen?
Rocking bro..

rishabh said...

great writing...perfect combination of simplicity yet depthness....need your comment my blog is