Monday, July 02, 2007


Step out from that corner where you've cornered yourself,
Break free from the shell, where you've imprisoned your soul,
Unleash that spirit that’s yearning for freedom
And look outside your kingdom where you've been chained down.

Look beyond those books,
Through which you thought you saw the world.
For there's more to it than just pictures and innumerable words,
Some that is to be experienced and some inexplicable.

Shatter that image of a silver fish
In which you've disguised yourself.
Let your legs do the walking for a change
And relieve you fingers from flipping across the pages.

Break your virtual window
And throw open that door.
Stop clicking and taking virtual tours,
Just knock hard and everything will open up for you to know.

For the real world awaits you with a myriad of colours,
Dormant like a volcano that lies in wait for your nod.
Step up and see what all you've missed until now,
Because you've been lost all this while in a world of your own.


INDR's Angels said...

so true .
We live in our materialistic world , and often fail to appreciate the happiness within and thus fail to see the true beauty.
awesome !
keep it up .

nehasavara said...

its beautiful! different style of writing... very simple n true! good job buddy!

Anonymous said...

wow..yes we have lost the human touch and have been living on our own ways and not appreacting the life beyond... yes life exists beautifully and enchantingly attractive...
rocking hard bro......
keep it up..:)

Megna.m said...

There's so much more our eyes haven't seen....this is just opening doors to ways that are yet to be discovered rather than being immersed in our own worlds :)

great scribble...


Soham Das said...


Ash said...

Agreed! however my 'door' is more of a voyage of the world inside each one of us... the door to introspection. The second last para is very apt though. Thanx

Anonymous said...

its as if it is written for me! I needed this eye-opener.. thank u!