Saturday, June 16, 2007


Every step you take you'll find me beside
No matter how far you travel you'll find me by your side
I'll be around be it morn, mid-day or dusk

I'll be right behind you when you walk towards the scorching sun
And leading you while you walk into the night
While the sun is sinking down

Even if you are on cloud #9 or drowned in the abyss of despair
I won't ever talk back even if you were to tell me lies
I will listen to all the stories whenever you want to share

On bright sunny days I'm at the reach of your sight
During gloomy days you can still
Catch a glimpse of me all the time

Never heed to what the world says
Don't you ever break down or turn around
Just keep your head straight and march on your way

It doesn't matter how the world sees you
And whichever path you choose to tread
You'll be the one I'll always look up to
I, your SHADOW will never leave you alone


smriti said...

hey....u knw wht...i dont think i'll ever criticize ur poems...i find all of them soooo gud...n this is no exception...nd to say it in ur words...'keep it rollin'...[:)]

INDR's Angels said...

everytime your posts carry something special.
My stock of adjectives for GREAT has run out.
So I can just wish you keep writing(err scribbling) such amazing pieces. :)

sashu said...

ah! a real beauty diz one z! loved it! great thotz,great words,great scribble! loved it charlie! :)

clueless said...

like most of ur poems that end with a twist this one too takes the reader by surprise.
SHADOW is our eternal follower.
how queer it would have been if we had arbitrary ones like peter pans':)

yellow iris said...

like most of your poems end with a twist this one too takes the reader by surprise.
true SHADOW is our eternal queer it would have been if we were to have arbitrary ones like peter pans'.or maybe... just would have been magical:)

Benaifer said...

hey the work's nice...a lil of a let down compared to ur previous ones tho...especially the starting lines...n please put in punctuation marks dude...not havin them kinda screws up the rhythm for me at least...hope to see sumthn more striking soon...

PS...i know m bein too candid...but i think ur an awesome writer n this work is surely way too mediocre to have ur name tag under it :)

Megna.m said...

i kept dreaming of that SOMEONE special who was being a part of me....then it came, the SHADOW! i was taken away....great twist to the scribble :)

loved it!! :)

i went back to read it from the shadow's point of view and the lines "I'll be behind you when you walk toward the scorching sun And leading you while you walk into the night" just took a deep affect on me....don't know what it was but it got to me and i was struck for words....

great thoughts :)

theshysoulcruiser said...

whom did u write it for??

loved it... da reasons r my own...

theshysoulcruiser said...

i oved the third n the last stanza... they are beautiful..

Anonymous said...

Hey, can a SHADOW disguise itself too? & play hide and seek games? Ummm as usual this is beautiful and spell bounding words..


Suma Subramaniam said...


I liked this piece of writing...your idea of having the reader to discover what you are talking about keeps one attached to the poem until the end.
Wonderful innovation!

My humble suggestions for improvement: punctuation and less abstraction. They can take you a long way!

Antara Mukherji said...

keep it up buddy...keep it rolling!
but i insist read poetry as well that'll give you an edge..also I find sometimes a bit of vocab might help like saying a thing in a single word rather than lots of know what i mean...

Nemo said...

Beautiful! Gave me the goosebumps, it did (in a good way!).


vulcan said...

hey good one

Anonymous said...

hi hi.. i really liked this particular scribble of yors.. makes me think of some1 special :)
keep posting such scribbles.. :)

Debadyuti said...

disappointing to the core...came to ur blog after a long time...and not impressed at all...seems like u r writing just for the heck of it..maybe to keep ur blog updated!!But serious lack of emotions in any line!!!!
All this coming even though u alredy said:-
"Never heed to what the world says
Don't you ever break down or turn around
Just keep your head straight and march on your way"

~Debadyuti:A Poetess~

shruthi srinivas said...

lovely!! a very refreshing one.
as always your writing style is impeccable :)

priyanka said...

its a little creepy ..... i dont want to see a companion like a shadow ....and why is the atmosphere so many things at the same time ...

Matangi Mawley said...

u'r scribble pad is so precious!

Ivory Maiden said...

Search ended.

Anonymous said...

Hmm@!!! woaw! jus waow!

thank u letin me see htis part of the "shadow"