Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Rowing across the back waters
into the green serenity.
Leaving behind a trail of ripples
We sail into the silence that echoed loudly.

Softly the nature rendered its tunes in a medley.
In sync to the rhythm of our heart beats
while the waves began to sway in harmony.
The breeze came along gently and carried it across the sea.

The water froze still as we reached the shore beside.
And the sky gazed at it as though it's looked into a mirror beneath.
Painting its face from blue to dark crimson,
It bid farewell to the exhausted sun.

Now it's all set to welcome the new host for the night.
And slowly the moon emerged between the silver lines.
Just like a mascot of peace,
All dressed in pristine white.

Holding hands we strolled together in the twilight.
Suddenly, she stopped for a moment and looked into my eyes.
No words were spoken yet a lot was said.
We hoped this moment lasted forever and there wasn't another day ahead.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday s gone show me the way as tomorrow may never be mine.....
Chilling moments i say you can capture..

Megna.m said...

" We sail into the silence that echoed loudly."

" No words were spoken yet a lot was said."

love it how uv made things seem as if they've done a lot without having done anything (im sure there's a proper word for that technique but just not coming to me now)

but otherwise it painted the picture of when the guys in Lord of the Rings were crossing that river in the 1st movie....but urs painted a more vivid picture in my mind. :)



priyanka said...

its a little long and the surroindings are too many things at one time ......what if u write the same thought in 3 lines .. i ll be more spontaneous and easy to relate to ....

smriti said...

hey eddy teddy its mind bogglingly beautiful...loved it...:)

theshysoulcruiser said...

beautiful as usual... as always u seem to capture extremely personal moments in your words... but it wud hav been more beautiful if u had used less words...

Antara Mukherji said...

brings out soothing imagery..good job champ!

INDR's Angels said...

i think out of the previous 3-4
posts, this is your best one.

liked it.
cheers .

Matangi Mawley said...

It bid farewell to the exhausted sun..
new host of the night.. and
No words were spoken yet a lot was said..


keep posting!